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  1. kenkencw

    Solved Movable GUI items

    addon: Tuske how to make GUI inventory items movable? im using list variables for easy edit each items in command, and how to seperate "serialized" items to seperate variables?
  2. G

    Solved Add SPECIFIC item to gui

    Hi, I'm trying to create a GUI shop to sell custom enchantments (from another plugin) and I was wondering if there was a way to easily add the book to the GUI while keeping the lore and NBT tags without manually adding it. If this is possible, it would be great if you could reply and help me...
  3. T

    Colored Leather Armor GUI

    Hello, I know I've asked it in the past, many times. but I just can't figure out how to do it, I've been making /wardrobe command, and I want to add Colored Leather armor. It just not working for me, Do I need any addon? If so which one. Can someone respond with how to do that? That would be...
  4. I

    MenuGui Commands

    I'm making a Shopgui. i need to do 2 command but idk how rn i do it like this: command /foods: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&5CakeFoodShop" to player wait 3 tick format slot 10 of player with 1 apple named "&432 Apple" with lore "&410 euro" to run "give...
  5. Selvati

    Player Trading GUI / SafeTrade [Please Click]

    The Idea: I ask the community to help me find the solution on how to make a player trading gui skript, where both players must agree/accept the trade to complete the transaction. If any player closes the inventory the items are returned to the correct players, and the trade is cancelled. Basic...
  6. Selvati

    Custom Trade/Craft GUI [Please Click]

    I come to the skUnity community today asking for help on how to implement a custom trading / crafting gui into the game using skript and its addons. The Idea: Using skript and addons I would want to open a gui / inventory to a player, and be able to format certain slots, and allow the player to...
  7. I

    Teleport GUI

    So I tried this code: on click with a clock: name of tool is "&bTeleport": open chest with 3 rows named "&cTeleport" to the player wait a tick set {_s} to 0 loop all players in player's world: if loop-player is not player: format...
  8. F

    I Can't Get A Player To Be Forced To Execute A Command.

    Can you please hep me ? So I am having trouble with getting a player to be forced to execute a command that is triggered by an event or a loop so for example I have an NPC and I coded a script to where an event is triggered when this specific NPC is clicked here is my block of code : on right...
  9. S


    Please help me, im trying to make a kit gui and i don't know how to make a red stained glass pane. It keeps saying that its not an item type. I don't know what im supposed to put for a red stained glass pane. HAAALP!
  10. K

    Solved Not popping up in the gui!

    Problem: So this is suposed to pop up in a gui with item. But the item dont show and the gui is empty. I can't see the mistake and when i reload, there is no errors! The skript: Skript Version: 2.2 - dev23 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.8...
  11. K

    Script ♛ SuperBans ♛ [Ban, Mute, Kick, Warn, Freeze, Antiswear, History, Guis, More+] [SK] 3.5

    HOW TO UPDATE TO NEW VERSIONS: Stop the server. Place the new file in the scipts folder. Keep your SuperBans folder safe, for example in your desktop. Remove the old SuperBans folder and start the server. You will need to wait up to 50 seconds. The files will be created, and a logo...
  12. F

    Chest gui loop

    command /hatstest: trigger: open chest with 6 rows named "&fTest" to player wait 3 ticks loop integers between 0 and inventory size of chest named "&fTest" - 1: set slot loop-number of chest named "&fTest" to light green stained glass pane named " " What...
  13. Orendigo

    Script Connect4 GUI 3.3

    Ohhiya Connect4 GUI Connect4 GUI offers the ability to play Connect4 with other players via chest menus! No more large redstone contraptions to play a simple game! Prerequisite Skript Addons: Skript skRayFall Skellett skUtilities skQuery Features: Fully functional Connect4 game! A GUI...
  14. F

    Chest gui

    Hey, how can I set an item on the first free slot of a chest gui and how can i sort a gui for the alphabeticfor example a to z? Thank you :emoji_slight_smile:
  15. cheatchki

    Solved Determine click type

    So this is probably a sad question, however I am new to skript and I can not find the answer anywhere anyways so I open a GUI as follows command /punish <player>: trigger: set {%player%.currentpunish} to arg 1 open chest with 6 rows named "&lPunish %arg 1%" to player...
  16. Bastiaan1200


  17. OldDogEyesCo

    Script Player Sign Shop 1.1

    This script allows players to make their shops in regions where they have access. They can then configure the shop however they want, and even enable/disable it at will. Feel free to give feedback, request features, and more. Just don't be rude about it, I'll be more likely to add the...
  18. SoMuchWessel

    Skript/Skquery help

    Hey guys, i wrote a skript for a gui menu with flansmod (it explains the id's): command /choosegunsp: trigger: set {executor.player} to player wait 1 tick open chest with 1 row named "&c&l-Primary-" to player format slot 0 of player with red stained glass...
  19. O

    Custom Punishment GUI

    Hey! So, I basically want to create a custom Punishment GUI, but I'm having some problems with the history. When you do the command /punish <player>, I want it to bring up this GUI: Head: Player's Head, Player's Name Redstone Torch: Close GUI Anvil: General Offence...
  20. O

    Custom Punishment GUI

    Sorry, posted in wrong section. It's in requests now.