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  1. Riknesh

    Skript GUI

    Are there any addons that will be able to create custom gui other than SkQuery and TusKe?
  2. Runakai

    Solved Multible Page

    So. I had found a skript where you were able to loop something in a gui with multible pages. I think it was from ShaneBee. Well, since I am upgrading my Server to 1.13.2 it is not working anymore. It just works for ONE more page. Like 36 Heads on the one page, then 36 on the other but it is just...
  3. S

    Solved Skript GUI - Drops contents

    Hi there I am in trouble with this Skript: If a player spam the command, it drops the glass pane :( Is there something in the skript that is written wrong? Please tell me. Best regards Simon
  4. S

    Script GUISHOP | All Items, Short Code, Sign Support 1.0.1

    Features - Guı Shop - Customize Category - Add new item's data code to yml is Add New Item To Shop :emoji_slight_smile: - Open Gui With Gui - Amounts Support 1 - 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 - 64 - 128 - 256 - Sound Support Coming Soon - Your Think ( Share Idea With Me in Google Forms) Images Sıgn Shop...
  5. C

    Gui Doesn't work

    Hello Guys, i have created a skript and when i reload it says that it doesn't understand this: Can't understand this condition/effect: format slot 5 of player with 160:14 named "&r" to be unstealable (, line 10: format slot 5 of player with 160:14 named "&r" to be unstealable') and open...
  6. Skaya

    Solved Shift click in GUI

    Hi, How can i detect shift click in a GUI? Thx, Skaya :emoji_slight_smile:
  7. S

    Skript GUI help

    I'm attempting to use skript to create a multiverse gui world manager. I want to create a gui and when an object in the gui is clicked to have a new gui open. My laptop died so this is from my phone, I know a bit of syntax isn't right so please forgive me. My code so far has been...

    Solved endet

  9. J

    I keep getting the same error with TuSKe

    I'm trying to make a simple ban GUI using the Skript addon TuSKe. I've tried finding the solution to my problem but everything I find gives me the same error. It opens the menu for me but the item doesn't show up. command /sban [<text>]: permission: staff.sban permission message: &c&lYou...
  10. C

    on rightclick on sign

    So I am making so when you click on a sign it opens a gui for you. This is my current code: on right click on sign: 1st line of clicked block is "&0[&5TreinTickets&0]" open chest with 3 rows named "{@menu-naam}" to player wait 1 tick set {_slot} to 0 loop 28 times...
  11. Dabriel

    Solved Inventory list (Detect, Add to list, if the item is, give back)

    Alright, so I'm trying to create this really cool feature on my server. It's not happening tho. I'm a beginner in Skript so I need help. Why not create this Skript together? So what I have in mind, is making some kind of blacksmith. So it's a GUI, obv. The first row until slot 7, should be...
  12. Aidanete

    Solved I had a problem with TuSKe GUIs and Permissions

    A day ago, I tried to use LuckPerms for my server, and was very cool and worked fine, anyway, I had a problem that when you execute a command from a TuSKe GUI when deopped, also when you have the permission to execute that command, it will not work, also I tried to use the command in chat and...
  13. P

    Gui Skript 1.8.9

    Can somebody send me the right plugins and the right version for a gui in 1.8.9 because i cant use to run [make player execute command "testshop testlol"] but I can do this to run "testshop testlol" But the problem is that i need the player to run the command
  14. S

    Script PunishmentGui + | Unlimited Punish , Config 1.0

  15. P

    My gui won't work

    So im making this gui for my prison server (The server is on 1.8.9). and my skript wont work. This is my code that works: Command /vs: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&2&lVagt Shop" to player wait 1 tick set slot 4 of player's current inventory to gold helmet...
  16. Blobbyguy

    Solved TuSke GUI manager issues.

    Hey, so I loaded my GUI's up today (TuSke) and all of a sudden I'm getting errors all over the place and I'm not too sure what's happened. There were no errors previously and everything WAS working fine. Code: ``` make gui slot 13 with {_nextItem} named "%{_nextName}%" with lore...
  17. Riknesh

    Solved Tuske GUI Error

    I faced this error few months ago. But one of the Moderators [ @Pikachu ] gave me a link to download a new Tuske jar.But the link isnt working now.I dont have the Tuske.jar since im using another laptop. So is there any other way to fix this error? The GUI works when I click it while im opped...
  18. Runakai

    Solved Add/Remove Player's Skull in GUI

    Hey, it's me again... I didn't know how to describe my problem in the title, so it may be misleading. command /report [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: message "&8[&cReport&8] &7Bitte gebe einen Namen ein" stop if arg 2 is not set...
  19. Tinkot

    Found some nice solid skinheads for whoever needs them

    Are you looking for solid colored heads for your gui? I found a few players that have a solid colored skin and didn't play for a long time. Its not likely that they change their skin. Pls let me know if you know a better method of doing this. I am interested in that! code: command /colors...
  20. U

    [Hypixel] Bow Messages

    This is a simple Skript that can be used in a variety of game modes to show a player's health when they are shot. An example of how you could use this Skript includes: ■ In game modes such as Skywars or Survival games. ■ Factions ■ And many other mini-games or game modes! This Skript...