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This is the best addon I've ever used. ShaneBee is honestly an extremely talented developer and his wiki covers so much, it's crazy how much you can do with this plugin paired with Skript. Honestly, on many occasions, hard to live without. My fave addon by far. 5 stahs
The best addon to create particle effects, I really like it
It's a very nice addon, we've finally got an addon that supports particles!!!!!!
Always great to see what eren is gonna make next (and then I cry when it gets less downloads than 6 lines of stolen code)
Thanks for the review! ❤️
No idea what that other reviewer was talking about, he wants you to store it in a text file or something?
Hello, there. contact me when you are online, I want help you with our project, cause i working on teplate system for skript
The performance is not good at all. i recommend you using other system than skript vars.
I am sorry if the script is causing troubles, could you maybe send me your exact problem on Discord, so i can fix it? My username is "TryhardTree".