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Skript Tools SkEditor+ v1.3.3 hotfix

SkEditor+ is the editor for easy scripting in Skript.

  1. Notro


    The program includes:

    • Cool syntax highlighting •


    • Command and GUI generating •


    • Menu for publishing the code on code.skript.pl - it's a Polish site, but I'll try to add e.g. pastebin soon •


    • Until recently, there were quick fixes, but for now they are disabled - they need rework. •

    • Built-in skUnity documentation and parser •


    • Customizing the program for yourself in the settings •

    • Color preview •


    • Quick edits (I'll add more as I get suggestions) •


    • Backpack (but it needs rework I think) •


    English Discord Server
    Polish Discord Server

Recent Updates

  1. v1.3.3 hotfix
  2. Only the first update this year
  3. v1.3.2 - very small bug fixing update

Recent Reviews

  1. KwiatekMiki
    Version: 1.3.3
    I'm recommended that application of everyone scripting on skript