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  1. I

    Gui with Sign

    Hi there! so i would like to make a GUI shell if u could call it that around groupmanager and I was thinking about nameing groups with a sign GUI like storing the input you typed on a line. I tryied to read the installed the plugins but...
  2. NeonFox__

    Help! Punishment gui

    Yo! Could anyone please give me a skript for a punishment gui! If so tysm! My discord is ugly scp tato#3884 God bless
  3. X

    Addon Tuske NOT WORKING

    I have an addon called Tuske if i try to make a GUI i get this: [ERROR] #!#! [ERROR] #!#! [Skript] Severe Error: [ERROR] #!#! [ERROR] #!#! Something went horribly wrong with Skript. [ERROR] #!#! This issue is NOT your fault! You probably can't fix it yourself, either. [ERROR] #!#! It looks like...
  4. jeelzzz

    Solved Functions in GUIs using TuSKE

    I'm trying to make a shop gui, but it does not load the item in the gui because it does not return a value. My gui code: command /h: trigger: open virtual chest inventory with 6 rows named "&bShop" to player format gui slot 22 of player with steak named "&6Steak" with lore...
  5. N

    Help me with Guis, putting a new item to the next available slot

    There is not much more to say right here, because the thing I want to make is an apply script, so that you can do /apply to get a book and quill, I have already done that, but here is the tricky part, how I can type /sendapply, and it will send the book and quill to a GUI for admins or players...

    Solved GUI shift right click (using TuSke)

    Hello i need a little Help on inventory click: if clicked type is shift right mouse button: send "work" why is my code dont work can anyone make a Example Code help me!!
  7. M

    Script PunishmentGUI 0.1

    PunishmentGUI PunishmentGUI is a script that allows you to punish rule-breakers with a simple GUI! Commands: /punishments <player> /punish <player> Configuration: Everything is configurable! You can configure texts and effects! Dependencies: Skript 2.4-beta5 TuSKe 1.8.2 A plugin that can...
  8. Jazzkuh

    [1.12.2] Book Mails

    Category: Mail Suggested name: Bookmail Spigot/Skript Version: 1.12.2, skript 2.2-dev33 What I want: I would like to have a skript that uses books in wich you can write some text and you can send it to another player. How it works: You can use the command /sendmail [player]: that opens a book...
  9. dreike

    Solved TuSKe GUI with SkStuff NBT. This repeats itself 10 times.
  10. dreike

    Solved Hypixel Skyblock Collection Skript (Error)

    So, I'm remaking the Hypixel Skyblock Collection but for rankup. And sometimes, when I try to open the wheat collection, the Wheat is not there. :/ > Code: > Print: (When it works) (when it doesnt)
  11. Hakuyamu

    SkQuery GUI formating problem

    Hello! This is my code i am using for creating a GUI: command /hystery: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "&b[&fHystery GUI&b]" to player wait 2 ticks format slot 0 of player with {gui.slot0} named "" to run [execute player command "/givehead 1"] format...
  12. A

    Solved Problem with GUI lores.

    Hello everybody I am doing my own skript for Lottery game but when I do it with the GUI I came across a problem.. My skript has load for 3k ms for some reason.. only when I have gui with lore . When I remove the lore everything become normal and I have no idea why is like that here is the code ...
  13. N

    Solved can't make player execute command ""

    hello, I made a gui script, to open the chast it can, but inside it is nothing, how can the way to fill the chast and the block in the chast can be clicked to make the player execute the command ??? server Version : 1.14 skript version : Skript2.4-alpha3 Sorry for bed engglis :) Here is the...
  14. M

    gui click event won't work

    format gui slot 0 of player with black glass named "&c&lEpic test item" to run console command "buyitem black glass %player% black glass" using left mouse button when i open the gui it won't execute any command and i can just take it out i use TuSke for GUIs
  15. C

    Solved GUI ban skript not running commands

    i've been making a gui ban skript or my server for a few hours and i can't get it to run commands anymore it worked fine before but it just stopped working for some reason i am using skript 1.14 thanks for any help here is the skript command /punish <offline player>: permission: sc.punish...
  16. Nightmarinya

    Crate Inventory / GUI Issues

    +===================================================+ | Skript Version: bensku-2.3.6 | Skript Addons: Skellett, SKDragon, SKRayFall, SKQuery, TuSKe | Server Version: 1.13.2 +===================================================+ Hi there! Recently I've been getting back into scripting and wanted...
  17. S

    Skript GUI

    Hey is it possible to open a command block gui or a gui with 5 slots? please help me.. my server is 1.8 and i use TuSKe and SKQuery.
  18. Runakai

    Skript Vanilla GUIs

    You are looking for a good way of making GUIs in Skript? Without having to update an Addon or possibly risk that it's going to get unmaintained? Well, you cant stop searching now! Because vanilla GUIs are integrated into Skript. That's how the name origins from. It's a vanilla feature from...
  19. couger44

    Solved Skript does not recognize the code "format slot..."

    command /worldcoins [<text>]: trigger: arg 1 is not set: open chest with 4 rows named "&e&lWorldCoins" for player wait 1 tick format slot 10 of player with 42 named "&eCompra el rango &a[VIP]&e!" with lore "&eSi tienes &a500&e WorldCoins puedes...
  20. C

    Solved My custom GUI and op message not working

    For some reason, my friend and my server does not tell us when we op someone we just have to assume it worked or check through the deop and tabbing. So I decided that I should try and fix this with a GUI and some messages. Here is the skript I have written but it does not seem to work. (The part...