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  1. Riknesh

    Solved Tuske GUI Error

    I faced this error few months ago. But one of the Moderators [ @Pikachu ] gave me a link to download a new Tuske jar.But the link isnt working now.I dont have the Tuske.jar since im using another laptop. So is there any other way to fix this error? The GUI works when I click it while im opped...
  2. Runakai

    Solved Add/Remove Player's Skull in GUI

    Hey, it's me again... I didn't know how to describe my problem in the title, so it may be misleading. command /report [<player>] [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: message "&8[&cReport&8] &7Bitte gebe einen Namen ein" stop if arg 2 is not set...
  3. Tinkot

    Found some nice solid skinheads for whoever needs them

    Are you looking for solid colored heads for your gui? I found a few players that have a solid colored skin and didn't play for a long time. Its not likely that they change their skin. Pls let me know if you know a better method of doing this. I am interested in that! code: command /colors...
  4. U

    [Hypixel] Bow Messages

    This is a simple Skript that can be used in a variety of game modes to show a player's health when they are shot. An example of how you could use this Skript includes: ■ In game modes such as Skywars or Survival games. ■ Factions ■ And many other mini-games or game modes! This Skript...
  5. L

    Resquest gui with warps help

    Category: gui Suggested name: Lugares What I want: Hi!, i find create a warp gui but that is auto fill with warps createds (no essentials plugin with the skript) example: /setlugares test1 send message of the warp created and when put /lugares create a gui with the created warp Ideas for...
  6. D

    Weather and time only 4 one player

    I want do do a simple settings GUI where users (in SkyPvP) can set only there Own Weather and time. on npc right click: if citizen is named "&8● &cEinstellungen &8●": make player execute command "/§893424" stop command /§893424: trigger: wait 1 tick...
  7. L

    Solved Help with skull in gui

    Hi, i have the problem of the skull in gui is rotate for direction of player i need that the skull rotate to opposite direction of player command /info [<player>]: trigger: if arg 1 is not set: open chest with 1 rows named "&aTienda" to player wait 1 tick...
  8. SoMuchWessel

    Virtual chest

    Hey guys, I got an idea, but i dont know how to work this out. I want that you can do a command, like /storage, and that it shows a gui as big as a normal chest. Then you can only put in like diamonds and gold, nothing else. If you close the gui, then it will stay stored, so if you do /storage...
  9. L

    Issue Getting Commands To Execute Using GUI Items

    So, this is an issue I've come across multiple times working on different commands and projects, and each time I would just shelve this part for later thinking it was just some syntax or wording errors I had in the codes, but at this point I've tried every different phrasing and syntax and...
  10. R

    Gui help

    Hey guys, im quiet new to skript and i have a bug which me and a friend of mine neither can't solve. If i open the gui and want to click on one of the slots to execute another command it wont execute.
  11. S

    Closing a Menu and running a command

    So I have recently started coding skript, and i just made a gui where I can choose kits, and I wanted to make many different pages for it, so I coded this. on right click: if held item is iron sword named "&eKit Selector &7(Right Click)": open chest with 3 rows named "&eKit...
  12. L

    Solved Creating GUI That Shows Heads Of Online Players

    I'm trying to create a moderator tool that allows me to view a GUI that shows me the heads of all online players, and then if I were to click on a head it would teleport me to that player. I haven't bothered trying to code the click/teleport function, because I am so far unable to get showing...
  13. Riknesh

    Solved Issue with GUI

    Im using TusKe to make a gui.I set one of the GUI slots to run a player command to run on click.But when I click on the item,it spams my console with errors.The GUI only works if im Op-ed and spams errors if not Op-ed.How can I fix this?? [11:24:53] [Server thread/ERROR]: Could not pass event...
  14. D

    Solved Add durability to tools in menus

    Minecraft Version:1.8 --- Full Code: command /mmenu: trigger: open chest with 5 rows named "Main menu" to player # Assault class # format slot 0 of player with paper named "Assault" to close if {bc.rifle.%player%} is 0: format slot 9 of...
  15. Selvati

    Solved How to give a custom skull

    I am aware that you can easily give and use a specific player's head with it's skin in a gui using the code below. command /selvati: trigger: give player skull of ("Selvati" parsed as offline player) I would like to know how to use custom skulls in a gui and even give them to a...
  16. Riknesh

    Solved Problem with GUI

    Whenever I make a GUI with glass only works if I use numerical ID of glass pane instead of "stained_glass_pane:4",and it keeps spamming my chat whenever I reload the skript.How can i fix this problem? Ex:format slot 8 of player with 160:14 named "&4Cancel" with lore "&fClick to Close"...
  17. D


    Software I'm using: Spigot 1.12.2 Skript (Bensku's Fork) Skellett What I am trying to achieve: On my server I have an ingame book item which has some information. What I want is when they type in /help to the chat, the book shows up, but without putting the book into their inventory. ∑...
  18. P

    Solved Tuske GUI don't working

    I have tuske and I tried this, but it don't work: error:
  19. ChisleLP

    Script Head Database 1

    Do you want get any Heads without searching in explorer? There you go. It's simple - just run /head and you will see a GUI with 9 different categories Addons Requirements: -reqn (For getting Skull from Web) -Skript-Json (For making your life easier!) -Skellett (For GUI) Currently available...
  20. EWS

    InteractiveShop | Easily configurable shops! 1.1.3

    INTERACTIVESHOP ====================================== I do not provide support for this resource anymore. ===================================== Functionality This script resource allows you to create GUI shops with ease! Everything is configured in-game, and yet it's more powerful than most...