GUI's and more with Skript? Help Please.

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New Member
Nov 26, 2019
Hello I would like to know if somebody can help me out... all I need is a simple shop GUI (that can be customizable) and a thing where I can pick up a block with right clicking (that also has a GUI I can pick up with) the reason I need to pickup certain blocks like that is because I have a gen server... also I need like a thing where it like only picks up if it is named a certain name. Thank You and I hope somebody good help me

Hey there, it's better to create the shop gui yourself because you can decide the design more freely than someone having to create it for you. A good gui making addon would be TuSKe
There is a tutorial about gui making with TuSKe which you can find here.

For the specific items part you can use the "on pickup" event and create the gui with TuSKe.

I wish you good luck and if you need any more help feel free to make another post or just PM me. :emoji_slight_smile:
Another great way to learn how to make GUI's with TuSKe is by looking at the Skript documentaries. I use the most as it has support for a lot of addons. For learning about GUI's with TuSKe, just take a peek at
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