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Script Connect4 GUI 3.3

Connect4 in Chest Menus!

  1. Orendigo
    Supported Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9, 1.10, 1.11

    Connect4 GUI
    Connect4 GUI offers the ability to play Connect4 with other players via chest menus! No more large redstone contraptions to play a simple game!

    Prerequisite Skript Addons:

    • Fully functional Connect4 game!
    • A GUI system for ease of use!
    • An invite system to invite your friends!
    • Ability to spectate other games!
    • Gaming statistics records!
    • Incredible customization!
    • SQL support!
    • Ability to Pause games!
    • Leader Boards for every statistic! (Wins, Loses, Forfeits, and Draws!)
    • Connect4 Bots to play against!
    Commands and Permissions:
    • /Connect4 - Opens the GUI menu
    • /Connect4 invite [player] - Invites a player to a game.
    • /Connect4 invite [player] bet [integer] - Invites a player to a game with a bet.
    • /Connect4 accept [player] - Accepts a pending invitation.
    • /Connect4 deny [player] - Declines a pending invitation.
    • /Connect4 spectate [player] - Ability to spectate games!
    • /Connect4 stats [player] - Displays game statistics of yourself or another player.
    • /Connect4 resume - Resumes a paused game.
    • /Connect4 setStat [player] [stat] [integer]
      Permission: connect4.use - Allows usage of Connect4
      Permission: connect4.admin - Allows usage of the 'setStat' sub-command.
    To-Do List:
    • Fix anything wrong, which will eventually come up
    • Probably some other things as well
    • Per-game modifiers [turn time-limit, blind (everyone's the same block), idk, some other things maybe]
    Using a separate database for the script is important! The script creates a lot of variables if statistics are enabled!

    To install: Place Connect4.sk and Connect4Config.yml in "\plugins\Skript\scripts\" and either restart your server, or execute "/Skript reload Connect4"
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