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  1. T

    Looking for Skript 1.12

    Hi, I dont find the good skript version for 1.12/1.12.2, also I need the skquery for this version and if its posible the umbaska, wild skript and more. I need them for my server. Thanks
  2. Richard_Trol

    Solved Problems with Skungee

    So hello, Today I started with the addon Skungee. I installed it and tested it and it worked! But now after a while when I tried to use it again, it doesn't worked and I got this error in the console: https://pastebin.com/hw17df0A I use MC 1.12.2 and Skript 2.2-dev27
  3. MRS777

    Number Sorting by RANDOMSK does not work

    Hi there, I'am running on Skript version 2.2-dev37 (https://github.com/SkriptLang/Skript/releases/tag/dev37c) and my server is running on Spigot 1.12. All Skripts work like they used to in the old minecraft versions. :) But the number sorting effect by RANDOMSK (version 2.7.1) is not working...
  4. Spartan9802

    Particle Note color with 1.12

    Hi, I can't find how to create a random color note in 1.12 for a single player, I succeeded for global players with SkDragon or SkRayFall but not for a single player... In 1.8 I used Umbaska but I would like to get rid of it in 1.12, would you have a solution? Thanks for your help
  5. R

    Set dmg to values over 5k

    Hey guys, so updated my server to 1.12 and found out, that "damage victim by {_dmg}" (ofc in on damage event) will set the attacker to "<none>" when the entity is killed. In 1.8 and 1.9 it was OK. If i use "make attacker damage victim by {_dmg}" then the script will infinitely repeat itself ->...
  6. noftaly

    Script ★ GiveAll ★ [1.8 - 1.12] [GUI] [100% customizable] Beta 4.3

    I’m french, so sorry for the errors. If in the configuration or in the description there is errors, please let me know (via PM) and I will correct them. Betas 3.1 and before works perfectly on 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.x (thanks to @gamingshow and @Mikioul for the test) Betas 3.2 and...
  7. CooperGamez

    Skript 1.12?

    Hey forum, i'm looking for the skript plugin to 1.12, beacuse i can't find it. I really need some help.
  8. WheezyGold7931

    Addon [1.8 - 1.12] skLib 1.1.0

    skLib A Skript add-on run on community input ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Source Code - Documentation - Pastebin API Setup Requirements: Java 8 Spigot 1.8+ Skript 2.2 (for 1.8 servers) Skript 2.2-dev20b+ (For...
  9. Orendigo

    Script Connect4 GUI 3.3

    Ohhiya Connect4 GUI Connect4 GUI offers the ability to play Connect4 with other players via chest menus! No more large redstone contraptions to play a simple game! Prerequisite Skript Addons: Skript skRayFall Skellett skUtilities skQuery Features: Fully functional Connect4 game! A GUI...
  10. M

    Need help Skript 1.12!

    Hello I have already installed CraftBukkit 1.12 and Skript 1.12! But when im typing /sk reload all Every skript can't read any of these events! Everything doesn't work! Can someone help me with this? Skript Plugin: https://github.com/bensku/Skript/releases/tag/dev29 Am I need Spigot...
  11. Sharpjaws

    Addon SharpSK [1.8 - 1.12+] 1.6.3

    Requires Java 8. Java 7 is no longer supported Docs/Syntaxes: You can still find all the syntaxes here: https://skunity.com/doc?addon=SharpSK About: SharpSK is an addon that is packed with support for a lot of different plugins that you will be able to interact with in skript. It also...