Set dmg to values over 5k

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Feb 22, 2017
Hey guys,
so updated my server to 1.12 and found out, that "damage victim by {_dmg}" (ofc in on damage event) will set the attacker to "<none>" when the entity is killed.
In 1.8 and 1.9 it was OK.

If i use "make attacker damage victim by {_dmg}" then the script will infinitely repeat itself -> because it triggers the on damage event -> workaround is with condition with difference between {lastatt::%attacker%} and now, but it's a bit dirty...

And finally - the best way is using "set damage to {_dmg}", but it's ruined by minecraft's vanilla "damage indicator" brown hearths -> if my weapons do dmg even over 5k it will show with each hit 2,5k hearths -> RIP FPS (even when they're transparent with custom RP)

Now i'm using
if (victim's health-{_finaldamage}) is less than 1:
make attacker damage victim by {_finaldamage}
damage victim by {_finaldamage}/2

-> Is it now the best way to do it while the damage victim is a bit broken?
You mean variable with the last hit (as i'm using now)? It has one problem -> when you're using AoE attack from sword -> only one mob is damaged instead of N-mobs

Or setting the attacker's name variable on victim? Because i need to have the attacker's name in more death events (Mythic Mobs, skillapi)
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