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  1. TehNitro

    Solved Can't leave queue that I joined.

    When I join the queue it works perfectly fine, but when I try to leave the queue I can't. (There's no errors) on inventory click: if event-inventory = (metadata tag "queueGUI" of player): cancel event if index of event-slot is 11: if {Queued::*} contains player...
  2. G

    Mob gens

    Hey! Im making a clicker type server, where if you kill mobs, you get multi. Here comes the part that i need you to code. I want to make like gens wich you place down, it will start spawning mobs. Many thanks if you can make it!
  3. Jonathan Cohen

    Game timer is not working

    Script Version: 2.2-dev36 Script Author: Njol Minecraft Version: 1.8.8 Full Code: I am making a skywars minigame using skript and I'm now working on the timer. The first stage of the timer works normal but when the timer hits 0:00 and goes onto 1:59 the timer just...
  4. B

    I am re-making bridge duels from hypixel

    basically, I want it so when {player.1} dies, it cancels the event and teleports them to (231, 152, -195, world). right now (no error message), it cancels the event but doesn't teleport {player.1} . please help #The duel command command /bridgeduel <player>: trigger: # putting players into...
  5. C

    Solved Saving Who Placed What Beacon

    I am trying to save who placed what beacon for a game. When the beacon is broken the team only has one more life similar to bedwars. I'm a beginner and am sourcing most of my stuff off of the docs but I could not find anything that is like this. I was trying stuff with saving it to variables but...
  6. Strixus17

    My Skript Isn't Working

    This is a game where cactus appear in random locations and the player has to avoid them , but i want to put a significant by making a red sand block appear 1 second before the cactus to warn the player but it's not working Skript: Every 3 seconds in "races": loop all players in "races"...
  7. Aidanete

    Solved I want to create minigames with arenas but I don't find tutorials?

    Hello, I'm trying to do minigames with arenas but I don't know things like how to detect when the game starts and make events occur or stuff like that. Do you know about any in-depth good tutorial for understanding for this things?
  8. Georges

    Script ★ TicTacToe ★ v 2

    Required dependencies: - skript v2.4.1 - skent 1.9 - SkQuery 3.6.5 - skript-yaml 1.3.2 - skbee 1.1.0 one command /tictactoe or /ttt - Commands / ttt invit <player> / ttt deny <player> / ttt accepted <player> / ttt see <player> / ttt delete <player> / ttt setup /ttt spectate <player> -...
  9. M

    Requesting Minigame Script

    Category: MiniGame Suggested name: BombLobbers What I want: I need this game for my server, Multi-Arena Ideas for commands: /bl create <name> /bl p1 <name> /bl p2 <name> /bl tntparticle <particle> <0-100> /bl setwaitlobby <name> /bl setlobby <name> /bl maxplayers <name> <0-100> (If join 100...
  10. Orendigo

    Script Connect4 GUI 3.3

    Ohhiya Connect4 GUI Connect4 GUI offers the ability to play Connect4 with other players via chest menus! No more large redstone contraptions to play a simple game! Prerequisite Skript Addons: Skript skRayFall Skellett skUtilities skQuery Features: Fully functional Connect4 game! A GUI...
  11. DonaldTrump

    Bottle Flip Challenge in Skript

    Category: Fun/Games Suggested name: BottleFlip What I want: Something that could mimic the mechanics of the "Bottle flip" shown in this video: in which the youtuber used only commandblocks, but I need it entirely in skript, using whatever addon (but trying to avoid umbaska). I just need the...