Bottle Flip Challenge in Skript

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Feb 6, 2017
Category: Fun/Games

Suggested name: BottleFlip

What I want:
Something that could mimic the mechanics of the "Bottle flip" shown in this video:
in which the youtuber used only commandblocks, but I need it entirely in skript, using whatever addon (but trying to avoid umbaska).

I just need the part that deals with the armor stands being thrown, because I do not have much experience with editing summoned entities in skript

Ideas for commands:
/bottleflip gives you the bottle and right-clicking while sneaking will throw the bottle and start its thing

Ideas for permissions:
Just a basic permission for the command /bottleflip

When I'd like it by:
It's just for fun, so whenever you want to help me your help will be appreciated :emoji_slight_smile: