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  1. E

    Server testing!

    EPIC BACKROOMS CHALLENGE I have recently finished my backrooms challenge for a minecraft server. There are a few tweaks needed in some places but we are open for testing. I have some problems that I will need help with later but if you would like to be part of testing this game, I will need...
  2. Diamond

    Checkpoints Parkour Plugin

    Category: Minigame/skript Suggested name: Checkpoint Skript Spigot/Skript Version: MC version 1.8.9 What I want: I want a parkour plugin where you can select a area (like in worldedit), and you you specify the name of it (e.g. map-1). When you are in the area, there can be placed...
  3. J

    How to make it so you can join and leave mid queue?

    ok so im making this queue system for a minigame recreation called BattleBox. so far i can join queue and it says how many players are in queue and all of that but if i try and leave queue the count down keeps going in chat and the titles keep popping up pls help. Also feel free to mess around...
  4. FistoF

    Hide nametags

    Spigot/Skript Version: Minecraft 1.19.1/Skript 2.6.3 What I want: Script that lets players to see other player's name tag only when directly looking at the player withing 3 blocks distance. Useful for roleplays and minigames. Ideas for permissions: OPs can always see the name tags.
  5. FistoF

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    I'm working on a Star Wars-themed Minecraft server that needs a minigame script based on Ewok Hunt game mode from Battlefront II video game. Minecraft version 1.19. Offering: $20 after you demonstrate the minigame working on you server by playing a round with me. Contact me: Discord...
  6. U

    is there a way to check the player's team in an if statement without any skript plugins?

    i'm making a capture the flag kind of minigame and i want to make it so that you can be killed if you arent on your teams side, i think i got everything else working but how do i check the player's team or is there an alternative?
  7. S

    "Killing Floor" Minigame (Queue, Win Condition)

    Category: Request Suggested name: Killing Floor Spigot/Skript Version: 1.17.1 (latest) on both What I want: Let me start by saying I acknowledge this is a big order so I wouldn't mind if someone gave me some bare bones things and let me figure out on my own, that being said, something a lot...
  8. Daddy'girl

    Solved how to make a queue system for minigame

    as tittle says how can i make a queue system for my minigame in it i want to make a command in which i join on queue and leave queue if i type command again while im in queue if another player joins the queue first player (me) teleport to {tb.1} and other player joins {tb.2} if you explain me...
  9. I

    Skript Request: Craft or Die

    Category: Minigame-ish, pvp Suggested name: Craft or Die Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5 What I want: I will try my best to explain this minigame. It's quite interesting actually. Craft or Die [Explanation of minigame] Craft or die is a minigame where players will be transported into a random...
  10. FistoF

    Bounty Hunter's Guild

    Category: Minigames Name: Bounty Hunters' Guild Spigot/Skript Version: Whichever is the newest at the time of making this script. Features: The Mandalorian-inspired script. Players who have joined the group "Bounty Hunters' Guild" can set emerald bounties on other players using a command...
  11. G

    Allowing staff to participate in a minigame without cheating

    So I want to make it so that staff or me myself (all players) won't be able to use commands while a minigame is running, except one command, /allowplayercommands (which makes it so that you can use commands again) which only owner (me) can use. BTW I COMPLETELY trust my staff, I just want to...
  12. HowTragicMate

    Fantasy rock, paper, scissors

    Category: Mini-game Suggested name: Wizard's Duel Minecraft version: Skript 1.16+ Skript version: Skript 2.6.3 or newer What I want: Rock, Paper, Scissors game with extra steps. All players have Tickets that can be used to challenge other players by right clicking on a opponent with it. If...
  13. Jonathan Cohen

    World Rollback

    Category: Minigame world rollback Spigot/Skript Version: All latest What I want: A proper description. I wan't a skript that is able to rollback a world to the state when the minigame starts with no block placements by normal players just like skywars on hypixel Ideas for commands: /copyworld...
  14. B

    Help needed. Confusion is afoot

    So to describe what my problem is you (the reader) needs to know what Capture the flag is (if you live under a rock). CTF in short: 1: Teams of players (usually only 2 teams) try to capture (by breaking) other teams flag 2: Teams are meant to PvP to prevent this from happening. 3: Once captured...
  15. E

    Help with Minigame script!

    Hello Guys, im from germany and my English is maybe a little bit bad but my Problem is that i dont know how to write a script who player's can join a lobby (/join server1) and with example 4 players in this lobby the game starts. i dont know how to write that i need help pllsssssss.
  16. Safeen azad

    Script ✦FreeForAll [Bungeecord, Shared] ✦ Beta 1.0

    About: Hey guys my name is "Safeen" i live from Iraq i've started codding skript 2 months ago and its my first skript Hope you like it! Sorry for my bad english! All commands are clickable, all commands got it self sound, join&leave > title+subtitle+message+sound, shop with special items...
  17. Aidanete

    Basic Minigame Mechanics in Skript Language:

    I never did a tutorial, so sorry for any errors I commit. You may know that Minecraft servers are full of different minigames, some mechanics in this games are repeated or useful to clear lag or stuff like that. Today I will show you here how to make some of these mechanics Hope this...
  18. Aidanete

    Solved I want to create minigames with arenas but I don't find tutorials?

    Hello, I'm trying to do minigames with arenas but I don't know things like how to detect when the game starts and make events occur or stuff like that. Do you know about any in-depth good tutorial for understanding for this things?
  19. Aidanete

    Solved How I can reset an arena?

    Hello, I'm returning to skript on my private server and I want to create original minigames, I want to make a system that makes the arena return in original state when I call it. I tried that in the past but it never worked, someone knows how to do that?
  20. M

    Requesting Minigame Script

    Category: MiniGame Suggested name: BombLobbers What I want: I need this game for my server, Multi-Arena Ideas for commands: /bl create <name> /bl p1 <name> /bl p2 <name> /bl tntparticle <particle> <0-100> /bl setwaitlobby <name> /bl setlobby <name> /bl maxplayers <name> <0-100> (If join 100...