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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.8
About: Hey guys my name is "Safeen" i live from Iraq i've started codding skript 2 months ago and its my first skript Hope you like it!
Sorry for my bad english!

All commands are clickable, all commands got it self sound, join&leave > title+subtitle+message+sound, shop with special items (Golden Heads+More)

- You can change the prefix in the config.yml
- You can enable/disable Bungee mode in the config.yml

- You can reset any player's stats!
- You can change the coins of any player!
- No flicker scoreboard!

- When you place a stone block after 16 seconds goes into Lime stained clay after 8 seconds it goes into Yellow stained clay after 4 seconds it changes to Red stained clay after 2 seconds it will dissapear
- Every kill it gives 1 golden apple to the killer!
- On arrow shoot you will see the victim's health
- Custom health
- Starter kit is unbreakable
- Only armors in the shop are unbreakable!
- 2 ways to see your stats (Gui, Message)
- Much more!

i don't recomment reloading the skript when players are playing!
i recommend using Citizens npc for the ffa shop!

[ ] = Optional
< > = Need

● /ffa help
● /ffa join [Player]
● /ffa leave [Player]
● /ffa stats

Admin Commands
Permission: "ffa.admin"

● /ffa setLobby - Set the lobby/leave location
● /ffa setSpawn - Set the join location
● /ffa setCoins <player> <amount> - Set player's coins to a specify number
● /ffa addCoins <player> <amount> - Add a specify number of coins to player
● /ffa removeCoins <player> <amount> - Remove a specify number coins from player's balance
● /ffa resetStats <player> - Reset all the stats of a specify player

● /ffa shop - Opens the freeforall shop menu

Join title, scoreboard, tab, message to in-game players:

Leave title, tab, message to in-game players:

Clickable commands:

Golden Head in the shop menu:

Player join:

Player died:
died message.PNG

Player killed someone:


Click me to download all

Put all the depends in your plugins folder restart your server, then download the skript (FreeForAll.sk) put it in plugins/skript/scripts restart the server, BOOM the ffa just works fine! if you got any errors please message me on discord!

Please don't post bugs in the reviews, if you found one just message me or join my discord: Click me

  • Improve the config.yml
  • Improve multi arena
  • The bungeecord mode cant leave the arena!
  • Full sign system (Join, Leave, Shop, Stats)
  • 2 More commands (Set pos1 + Set pos2) for the safe area!
  • Your suggestions!

Terms of Service:
You can't use the code to other projects!
Don't report bugs in the reviews!
You will get unlimited support for this skript!
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