Skript Request: Craft or Die

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Jun 5, 2021
Category: Minigame-ish, pvp

Suggested name: Craft or Die

Spigot/Skript Version: 2.5

What I want:
I will try my best to explain this minigame. It's quite interesting actually.

Craft or Die
[Explanation of minigame]

Craft or die is a minigame where players will be transported into a random world and they will have to craft the required item before the timer runs out. Players that have crafted the item before others are able to eliminate the players who took too long to craft the items. Last man standing wins the game.
[Explanation of minigame]

{How it works}
Players click an item to start a game. They will spawn in a set location (usually a custom area) and they will have the time to explore the world, unable to break anything.

Once there are enough players to start playing the game (usually the min amount of players is 3 and the max is 15) the game will teleport all players playing the game into the same location where they transported to. They will be given a title screen message that says what all the players has to craft.

Players that have crafted the item required will be given a green glow and are able to eliminate players with red glows (players who haven't crafted the item yet). A message will say that the red player got eliminated from the green player when someone get's killed.

{{Scenario 1}}
If Red players aren't able to craft the item and aren't able to become eliminated. Then they will be given poison only after 1 min has passed when the round has started until they die or craft the item needed.

{{Scenario 2}}
All players have crafted the items? The next round will start, giving the next item to craft.

{{Scenario 3}}
No one is able to craft the item that is given? If the round that they are playing is lower than round 10, then they are able to do /skip. Requires at least 50% of players to skip.

Rounds are basically the system that tells players what item they will be needed to craft.

||Items to be crafted||
Some items that will be included to be crafted are: planks of all kinds, sticks, bread, crafting table, chest, furnace, wooden/stone/iron/gold/diamond tools, stone/iron/gold/diamond armor, arrows, fence, trapdoors, dyes, and much more. A list to allow for an expansion of items needed to craft is optional.

[[World Boarder]]
There is also a world boarder that will be 100 blocks away from the spawn location (meaning 200 x 200) That will get smaller each round. When a player gets stuck in the boarder and dies, a message will say that they got eliminated to the boarder.

Players who wins the game will have an addition win to their wins (this is usually used if i wanted to create a scoreboard featuring the top players)
Players with the most kills will also have their kills be added to their total kills (for top players again)

The system that allows players to instantly join the game they want to play once the game ends. Players that don't join the game upon being in a queue will still be in the queue.

Ideas for commands:
/craftordie leave (for leaving the queue to start the game)
/craftordie join (to join the queue for a game if one has already started)
/craftordie help (explanation of game)
/skip (to skip a round)

/craftordie create {name} (creates a new craft or die game)
/craftordie sign {name} (gives a player a sign to join the game specified where on place, changes to a specific layout (if possible, customizable).
/craftordie setlobby {name} (sets the lobby that players will go to when the game ends or when they are in a queue)
/craftordie setworld {name} (sets the approximate location where players will spawn to explore and play the game, meaning that players can spawn in a 20 x 20 radius from that location)
/craftordie setmin {name} (sets the min players in the game)
/craftordie setmax {name} (sets the max players in the game)

Ideas for permissions: (stops the game completely, teleport players back to lobby) admin command (skips the round without the need of 50% players) admin command
craft.leave (leave command)
craft.join (join command)
craft.admin (allows the player to become creative in a game and bypasses the poisoning while also having all admin commands) (the player with this permission is able to bypass all players in the queue, becoming the top person to wait until a new game starts)

When I'd like it by: This request is awfully big, so i do not want to put pressure on anyone who is willing to take on this. So i would want this request before a month. No need to rush :emoji_slight_smile:

Notes: This concept is from a server that i found called "Loverfella". One of it's servers (or i would say worlds) has this idea created for their players, but unfortunately the players didn't play on the game for too long that made the minigame inactive and taken down (as in no one can play anymore).

If this request is too big for someone to do this for free please tell me how much is the approximate amount of money that might be paid to create this.

Or if it is possible to make this as a jar file or in any other way, please tell me.