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"Killing Floor" Minigame (Queue, Win Condition)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Semimatic, Jul 29, 2021.

  1. Semimatic

    Semimatic Member

    Jul 29, 2021
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    Category: Request

    Suggested name: Killing Floor

    Spigot/Skript Version: 1.17.1 (latest) on both

    What I want:
    Let me start by saying I acknowledge this is a big order so I wouldn't mind if someone gave me some bare bones things and let me figure out on my own, that being said, something a lot more specific would help me a lot. I'm new to Skript and have been learning my hardest but it's extremely difficult when there are no specific tutorials. Please don't think I'm someone who hasn't looked into numerous videos and forum posts and just want people to do my work, I'm just actually at a loss.

    So pretty much, the main things at minimal that I just want a clear idea of what to do is:
    - Minigame Synopsis: Pair up with friends to hide and survive until sunrise against one player who is selected to hunt them all down.

    Minimum: 4 Players
    Maximum: 10 Players

    Those who survive in the 5 minutes as a victim win while those who are killed are immediately taken out of the game. The killer must prevent as much people as possible from winning in 5 minutes.

    - Countdown Queue: Command where players can queue, once queue reaches 4 or > amount of people, it starts counting down from 10 for those in the queue. Once it reaches zero, it does the game setup.

    - Game Setup: All players except for one get into a "Victim" team while one is kept in a "Killer" team. The victims are immediately teleported to a single place in the map and let to flee with a 30 second countdown. Then, the killer (who can just be teleported to a specific coord that's just them in a black box and in adventure mode at the start of the game) is teleported to the map as well.

    The killer spawns with an unbreakable iron axe and a small strength effect.
    Victims spawn with nothing.

    - End Conditions: Once a five minute timer runs out (I don't need like a scoreboard timer ticking down, just like a title display that would go "1 minute remaining" and such, the surviving victims win. If you are killed in the game, I actually want the player to immediately be reset at that moment and taken out as if its the reset condition of the game for that specific player. Killing all victims as the killer ends the game the same function as the timer running out.

    For the ending, I just want teams removed and people teleported back of course. However, I also want a chat message to them before they're completely removed to all the game players with results of how many out of the starting amount of people survived.

    During the last ten seconds of those five minutes, how to add a countdown as well for the players would be great as well.

    Ideas for commands:

    /kf queue
    - The command to queue up or unqueue.
    /kf forcestop - Just immediately pulling the plug on the game / ignoring end conditions.

    Ideas for permissions:

    None really needed other than maybe kf.admin or such for the forcestop.

    When I'd like it by: Literally whenever because I realize how big of a request this is, I already appreciate you taking the time to read this or even considering helping bits of it.

    I'd also appreciate people sending any tutorials that might help me with stuff like this in general.

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