Checkpoints Parkour Plugin

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Aug 30, 2023
Category: Minigame/skript

Suggested name: Checkpoint Skript

Spigot/Skript Version: MC version 1.8.9

What I want:

I want a parkour plugin where you can select a area (like in worldedit), and you you specify the name of it (e.g. map-1). When you are in the area, there can be placed presureplates using a command, these presureplates are checkpoints. When a player walks on the checkpoint, and then they do /cp (or /checkpoint), it teleports them to the latest checkpoint they have in the area they are in.

So you create a region, when in that area, you can place checkpoints as an admin. A player is in the area and does /cp, teleports them to the latest checkpoint in that area, when they are in a different area, it teleports them to the latest checkpoint in that area, not in the other one they played.

Ideas for commands:
/areapos1 <area_name> - Position 1 of region
/areapos2 <area_name> - Position 2 of region
/checkpoint place - Set the finish of the parkour according to the set region
/cp (or just /checkpoint) - Teleports you to the latest checkpoint you have in the area.

Ideas for permissions:
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