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  1. Diamond

    Checkpoints Parkour Plugin

    Category: Minigame/skript Suggested name: Checkpoint Skript Spigot/Skript Version: MC version 1.8.9 What I want: I want a parkour plugin where you can select a area (like in worldedit), and you you specify the name of it (e.g. map-1). When you are in the area, there can be placed...
  2. L

    How to do checkpoints?Parkour Spawnpoint

    I want to do a checkpoint,when player is step on gold block,but chepoint dont work unlike sound and particle Code: on step on gold block: player is in world "christmasWorld1" play totem at player's location to the player play sound "entity.experience_orb.pickup" with volume 5 to...
  3. Buffalimp

    Script Parkour 1.9

    INFO: Hello! I'm still very new to Skript. This Script is still being worked on and will be changed and improved over time. Please do not complain about issues in the review section, if you find any bugs or need any help please feel free to PM me. - Side note - This Script was tested on the...