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  1. X

    auto compressor please help. (i made the compressor just need help making it auto)

    command /compress: trigger: if player's inventory contains 48 cobblestone: remove 48 cobblestone from player's inventory give player shiny stone named "&7&lCompressed Cobblestone" execute player...
  2. C

    This error is thrown Invalid amount or placement of brackets. Please make sure that each opening bracket has a corresponding closing bracket.

    Here is the code (this is only the part for issuing nbt): set {stellrap} to iron sword add nbt compound from "{AttributeModifiers:[{Amount:-2.1d,AttributeName:""minecraft:generic.attack_speed"",Name:""Attack...
  3. PotatoSlayer56

    Attributes on items

    I was just wondering why this doesn't throw an error but it doesn't work when executed set {_attackBonus} to line 3 of lore of {_forgegem} set line 1 of lore of {_forgesword} to "&cAttack: %{_attackBonus}%" set {_intAttackBonus} to {_attackBonus} parsed as number set {_forgesword}'s attack...
  4. ctrlcheeb

    [SOLVED] Global Variable in skript

    EDIT: Dumb mistake I didnt notice the _ in the variable name Hi, I was just making a simple script for my server where people can cash in tokens earned throughout for items. I had one gui which when interacted with would set the {_cost} variable to the price. Then if they put the correct amount...
  5. X

    Need per user time skript

    Hello, I need to set time per user and set blocks around the user (water -> lava) and time to 6000 to 18000 when in region "nether-island" if possible (only on the users client not globally) idk if it is possible but i will be installing skript extensions if needed
  6. ctrlcheeb

    Cancel event in main inventory (Can't move items)

    Hi, I was just making a quick skript that opens a gui for a player where they can place an item and the skript checks to see if it's correct. However I was trying to make it so that the player is unable to move things around in the chest inventory that opens for the player but can still move...
  7. R

    Keyall not Working

    Also habe ich mein eigenes Keyall-Skript erstellt, aber es funktioniert irgendwie nicht. Ich bin ein Anfänger im Scripting. Könnten Sie bitte das Problem beheben?
  8. R

    Keyall with Placeholder

    Ich bin also kein guter Entwickler, aber ich habe mein eigenes Keyall-Skript erstellt. Können Sie mir bei der Erstellung eines benutzerdefinierten Platzhalters helfen, der anzeigt, wann der Keyall ist? Wie Keyall in 59:38 Minuten. Thanks you
  9. R

    More than 1 entity selected

    command /near: trigger: loop mobs in radius 5 of player: set {target} to loop-mobs remove player from {target} set {Place} to {target}'s location if {target} is set: teleport {target} 10 above {Place} delete {target}...
  10. SirMaggus

    Teleport player under himself

    Hey, I'm currently making a skript and I need help to teleport a player under himself. Btw. I'm on 1.12.2! I mean this: command /test: trigger: loop all players: teleport loop-player 5 blocks under loop-player's location Thank you for your help!
  11. zysw

    I made a lootbox but people can place it on the ground, anyone know how to fix this (the item is a chest)

    im having problems making it so people cant place it on the ground code: on join: add diamond to {items::*} add diamond sword to {items::*} on right click: if player is holding a chest named "lootbox": give player random element out of {items::*} remove 1 chest...
  12. zysw

    How to make a random item list

    Im trying to make a random item list
  13. Epo___

    Wither Impact ability

    So I'm looking for code that makes a wooden shovel teleport you forwards 10 blocks, whilst making an explosion that only damages other players, not the person who executes it. (Right click ability) I know the basics of it, but I can't figure out the rest. When I'd like it by: Within a week of...
  14. F

    Need help with Web Requests (Reqn)

    For some reason a var does not work in the web request link. For example: "&uuid=%uuid of player%" works just fine, but using it in a function where we use {_p} instead of player it just returns <none> I've tested this: And I've no clue why this is
  15. A

    Solved Adding of armor trim not working

    hey, i am using skript version 2.6.4 and skbee 2.18.3 this is my skript: it executes the command and makes the item unbreakable but it does not apply the armor trim, it doesnt give me any errors either and to be honest i dont know what else to try
  16. P

    console executing command wont work

    hi, im using skript (Version 2.6) on Minecraft version 1.19.4 and this is my problem (i simplified it to focus on the problem): when i jump i recive the "hi" message but the barrel do not place itself. I know that the "set block at position (53.5, 37.5, 3.5) to barrel" works because when i...
  17. F

    hey, i'm trying to make an anti cheat, for my server and maybe to help other servers with an anticheat with my skript, 20 errors :( reach check

    command /funwatcher <text> permission: funwatcher.all permission message: &4Only Players with permission funwatcher.all have access to this command! trigger: if arg 1 is "help": send "&4[FUNWATCHER] &c/funwatcher alerts - enabled alerts (this is a placeholder command)" send...
  18. Radicc

    Rename broken blocks

    i tried to make a skript with skulls and when you broke a skull it would rename it to the name it had before it was placed on place: id of event-block = 144 set {skull::%event-block%} to location of event-block set {skull::%event-block%::name} to name of event-block set...
  19. C

    Homes GUI (Advanced Skripters ONLY)

    Category: Homes Gui Suggested name: VirtualHomes What I want: I want a homes gui that would open up a gui like the picture provided, and when you click on one of the dyes itll create a home that you can teleport to on right click, and rename on right click. And also with a delete home gui...
  20. The0Felon

    Skript With Modded Items

    when i start my server, it says "Minecraft id xxx is not valid" I saw somebody fixed it with aliases but it doesnt worked for me. I saw somebody fixed it with variables too but i didnt understand it. How can i fix it? Running on Java 17.0.8 (Oracle Corporation) Magma version...