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  1. Austral

    Placeholders don't work in comparison: more or less

    When I try to use a condition more or less for a placeholder, it doesn't work correctly. I use Ersatz and Skellett-2.0.9
  2. P

    My command does not show

    I have this script: variables: {brSpawnLoc} = 0 command /setbackroomsloc: permission: setbrloc trigger: set {brSpawnLoc} to location of player send "&bBackrooms spawn loc is now %{brSpawnLoc}%" on death of wither skeleton: if name of victim is "&0&lEntity"...
  3. KingDooms

    Script Skript Files Hub v1.0.1

    What is Skript Files Hub? Skript Files Hub (Also known as S.F.H.) is a Skript file that lets you download files easily into your scripts folder. All you have to do is load the data in and check the GUI to check any of the Skripts. It adds the command /skriptfileshub (or /sfh), which pops up a...
  4. adomen

    Arena Reset skript

    Hello i need somebody to make a skript for me.. I need an box arena reset skript that will every 4 minutes remove all blocks in on a flat surface. So when people build block they will get cleared after some time. Thanks!
  5. GLaDOS_James

    help with skript, preferably skellet

    i have skellet, skbee and skript installed but always get this in my skript on 1.19.4:
  6. F

    Need help with my OP Items command

    Hii! So I am very new to skript and watched mitch-matched tutorials and got to this and everything seems fine but there is errors. I will highlight the errored line in red. ```command /opitems: permission: op permission message: "You can't do this, you cheeky bugger!" trigger...
  7. S

    Skript Upgrade System

    So i'm trying to make a way to upgrade your sword or other equipment by using an item and add attack dmg to the item I have item edit installed and also vault installed. I made a gui but can't figure out how to add the item so that you can upgrade and also add attack dmg to the sword any help? I...
  8. S

    If player is holding

    When I have a "if player is holding..." and the player has more than one when it test for what it is holding the skript does not work code below
  9. Diamond

    Checkpoints Parkour Plugin

    Category: Minigame/skript Suggested name: Checkpoint Skript Spigot/Skript Version: MC version 1.8.9 What I want: I want a parkour plugin where you can select a area (like in worldedit), and you you specify the name of it (e.g. map-1). When you are in the area, there can be placed...
  10. italo

    Set CustomName to arrow

    I want to create custom arrows, part of which I have already done in IntelliJ, and it works, but the arrows are issued through Skript. How can I set a custom name for the arrow so that I can check it in IntelliJ? command /test: trigger: if arg-1 is set: set {_item} to arrow...
  11. eyzk

    [HELP REQUEST] Addons for Tutorials!

    Making Your First Skript a work-in-progress tutorial I'm creating a Skript tutorial, and want to include a list of popular addons, but I'm not sure which ones to include. Please reply with any addons you've used, which version they're for, and what they do! Thank you to everybody that helps...
  12. Byteware

    How do I broadcast coords?

    Can someone help me out? How can I broadcast coords? Here is my code: command /loadboss: trigger: set {_areacoordX} to a random integer between 100 and 300 set {_areacoordY} to 80 set {_areacoordZ} to a random integer between 100 and 300 set {_amount} to 1...
  13. N

    Script WorldGuard Addon Script for Servers 0.0.8

    This Script adds the commands /setgens: allows block breaking pvp and no block placing /buildpvpregion: allows building and pvp with no breaking /protectregion: denies building and pvp /pvpregion: allows pvp with building denied /protectrgallowfb: allows usage of functional blocks like...
  14. SirMaggus

    Skipping players in loop all players

    Hey there, i am making a skript for a minigame right now using skQuery and skRayFall and i was wondering if it's possible to skip a player in a loop all players part. Like that: I'm on 1.12.2 with skript version 2.2-dev36 because of mods.
  15. ZLatKo

    Solved error when drawing particles with argument

    hello everyone! Please help me to find a workaround to solve my problem. If you use "50, 80 and 120" instead of a variable, everything works. i need to use rgb variable in particle drawing but ran into this problem: command /test72 [<text>]: trigger: if arg 1 is "attackbullet"...
  16. GreenDeviousity

    İnventory click wont work

    This skript doesn't seem to work. I use skquery and skrayfall. skript latest
  17. Simple

    3x3x3 blocks miner

    So I want a skript that makes a stone pickaxe named "&4TNT&cPICKAXE" mine 3x3x3 blocks. And when they person shifts and right clicks with the pickaxe it will show a gui to upgrade the pickaxe to 4x4x4. And if player has 5000 {coins} he can upgrade. If he can't the gui will close and a title will...
  18. eyzk

    Script SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 2.2-dev34+

    SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 Simple, customizable backpacks in just 10 lines (when compressed)! Compressed? Remove all notes, options, line breaks, and permissions for 10-lines of backpacking beauty! Download the file above, or copy the code from below. # SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 # Please do not delete...
  19. S

    Solved How do you send a look-at packet?

    Hello. I want to write a Skript code to add a command which makes all players look at the player running the command. When I run the command, it says an internal error occured, and there is no other information given. What should I do? command /lookatme: trigger: set {_loc} to...
  20. V

    Armour equip event not working

    Hello, I have installed SharpSK, and I am trying to make armour add a stat when equipped and remove it when unequipped. The unequipping event works removes the stat when unequipped, but the equip event doesn't seem to be adding the stat. Can anyone help? No errors are displayed when reloading...