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  1. H

    RTP Skript

    I am requesting an RTP script that will teleport you randomly to the world "world" even if you are in another world, (My spawn is in the world "spawn"). I would also like it to take 5 seconds before you teleport while if you move or get damaged during that time it will cancel, I would also like...
  2. C

    Skript Obfucskator tool not working

    so today, i tried to download the Obfucskator tool ( but when i click to download, and i login it says SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft - Error You do not have permission to view this page or perform this...
  3. J

    How do I kick people when they contain a certain character?

    How do I kick people when their username contains a certain character?
  4. M

    Variable wont update when promted to

    Hi so I am working on this gui-menu skript where you can upgrade your armor. I chose to save and display the "level" of the players armor with a numeral variable. However, for some reason it wont update, it just wont. I tried defining it as a number with: variables: {_var.%player%} = 0...
  5. J

    How to make a command without a permission message?

    How do I make a command without a permission message like whenever you do a command u don't have a permission to, I don't want it to send a message to you.
  6. J

    How to disable villager changing their trades?

    I want to disable villagers changing their trades automatically when you haven't traded with them, but a player can still redo their trades when replacing their block that activates their job. I am running Paper 1.17.1.
  7. M

    Disguising a MOB / Zombie

    command createbot: permission: op trigger: spawn zombie at player set name of last spawned entity to "SKPVPBot" set {_d} to player set disguise of last spawned entity to {_d} I have tried this but yet it didn't disguise into the player's skin.
  8. E

    Solved Chat filter

    I am making a chat filter and don't want people to use "illegal" characters that are not "QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNMqwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm,.<>/?;':"[]{}=+-_0987654321!@#$%^&*()`~|\" Is there a way to do this other than putting all other characters in a blacklist like this? if message...
  9. D

    Solved Reaction events

    Hello! I have a skript made for reaction events: options: winner: &e&l%player% &r&aanswered first with &e&l end: &r&a! noans: &cNo one knows the answer: &6&l keytype: tripwire hook keyname: "&a&lCommon &r&7Key" keylore: "<##ff0000>Use &l/warp crates &r<##ff0000>to open!"...
  10. B

    Skript How To Create Randomized Rooms

    Hi yall, hope your having a splendid day/night. However, I have been trying to make randomized rooms that connect to each other as they generate. Can somebody potentially help me with this? I run on version 1.19.4.
  11. E


    Solved, Dont know how to delete!
  12. K

    Solved Is there a way to make this code more efficient?

    Hi everyone, I am very new to coding. I made a skript for fortune to work on all blocks and so that they go in the player's inventory. The skript is working fine, but I was wondering If I can make the code more efficent, more compact. I added the skript in a .txt file below thanks!
  13. K

    Solved Need Help with compacting this skript

    Hi everyone, I am really new to skript and I made a skript but I have no idea how to make it smaller. The skript I have right now is way too long and crashes the server (It works when its smaller) Can someone help me? Thanks! I put the code in a .txt file your you guys to read.
  14. D

    Solved On holding more than one crate key it doesn't work anymore

    Hi everyone! I have made a skript for crates: options: # KEYS: keytype: tripwire hook keyname: "&aCommon &7Key" keylore: "&cUse /warp crates to open!" on rightclick: if event-block is shulker box: if block below event-block is fence: cancel event...
  15. M

    Doors trigger

    Hello, I would like to ask for help ❤️ I have no idea how to add to this script so that the script does not respond to all acacia doors but only to those located at coordinates 46, 64, -21, I hope someone can help me thanks! on right click on acacia door: send "OMG DOKÁZAL JSI OTEVŘÍT DVĚŘE"
  16. S

    settings in sk parser aren't saving

    So i just found out their is a parser/tester on the skript website wich is great... I just wanted to change how to tabs indented but for some reason it won't save. i clearly says quote ''Change how the Parser indents text. These settings are saved in your browser and will save when you change...
  17. D

    Solved Clearlag

    Hello! I have made a script to remove entities: every 5 minutes: wait 60 seconds broadcast "&4BMJbox » &cAll entities will be removed in &760 &cseconds!" actionbar "&4BMJbox » &cAll entities will be removed in &760 &cseconds!" wait 30 seconds broadcast "&4BMJbox » &cAll entities will...
  18. D

    3x3x3 blast mining and telekinesis

    Hello everyone! I need help with my skript: on mine: if player's held item is netherite pickaxe named "&cBlast I": if event-block is netherrack or bedrock or nether bricks or black stained glass or nether wart block or magma block: cancel event send "&cHey...
  19. F

    add enchant

    Question : How do you add Enchant to player's tool? what I want) add sharpness 5 to enchant of player's tool
  20. G

    Hiding entities

    Hi, I don't know why but I can't hide an entity with this (simplified) skript: on damage: hide victim to attacker I have skript 2.6.2 installed in a 1.19.4 server with Java 20 and Skellett. Can someone help me please?