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  1. C

    Problems with variables in sql query

    Hi! This is my testing code, where i'm trying to understand what is going on. command /test: trigger: #Database Variables set {_sqlConnection} to yaml value "mc250391" from file "plugins/Yaml/MySQL/database.yml" set {_sql} to the database "%{_sqlConnection}%"...
  2. C

    Skript MCC Remake Website

    Kia ora everyone! I am making a scuffed mcc, How would i send a variable to a website? Like the website but I am using google sites cuz I am broke. I am trying to send the team1point variable to the website so it shows up and it is live. Anyone think they could show me some code or help...
  3. C

    Is loop-command possible?

    Hey i was wondering if LOOP ALL COMMANDS is possible like every tick: loop all commands: code - blah blah blah
  4. IViddyy

    Solved Removing Blocks Around Player

    Hi im trying to make a command that can be turned on and off and removes blocks in a 5 block radius while on.But i dont know how to remove blocks around the player so can someone help?
  5. A

    disky online command

    i need help with my online command, discord command online: prefixes: . trigger: set {_s::*} to the string argument split at "," reply with "Online players: %join all players with "" | ""%" it wont work Errors:
  6. saad3mad

    problem with my skript

    hey, i'm trying to make the note block useless i want it like a regular block, the main idea is to make new blocks out of note block, now there is a cool thing if u edit the blockstates of note block in the resourse pack you could add a texture to the note block for example: "variants": {...
  7. J

    Skript Help

    Can anyone tell me or make me a skript that makes it so you get a heart every time you get an achievement in minecraft
  8. B

    Crop Growth Stage Not Working

    on break: if event-block is sugar cane: add 2.25 to {exp::%player's uuid%} send action bar "&b+2.25XP [%{exp::%player's uuid%}%/%{levelreq::%player's uuid%}%]" to player if event-block is fully grown wheat plant: add 4.75 to {exp::%player's uuid%} send action...
  9. saad3mad

    Solved how to link an armor stand to the player

    EDIT: i am trying to make an armor stand ride the player and be able to move with the player, so when the player move his body the armor stand above it move to and be connected to the body area the "chest" the skript i used make the armor stand teleport to the player so its a bit laggy and...
  10. X

    Custom Armor

    So what I am trying to do is basically change the player's speed with boots. issue: When I put it on it sets my speed to 2, but when I take it off, or change my armor it doesn't change it back. I use the latest version of skript as of now. Here is what I did (at least tried): on load: set...
  11. N

    ! Make player damage targeted entity?

    Hey:) I have this code and I would like to make the player damage the targeted player. Problem is that this code does not make the player the attacker, it just damages the targeted player as if nothing hit them I have tried: force player to damage entity of player by 4 make player damage...
  12. I

    killed entity reward, have code, need to convert to a function

    have this code that I made by myself but I don't want to repeat so many lines for each type of entity, tried to transform the code into a function but... I suffer from serious skill issue. Can someone give me sample code from this? I need to have as "variables" the random amount of money ex...
  13. C

    Solved How can I prevent a loop from doing damage to the player with Skript

    I am programming a plugin in Skript using SkRayFall (though I'm unsure that that's useful for this scenario, I should put it there anyway) and I have a program that's supposed to damage all entities in a 1 block radius while pushing the play forward. This works fine, although it damages the...
  14. A

    Solved How can I check if a player is registered on AuthMe through a Skript?

    I already tried SharpSK and all its forks, but the code doesn't work. SharpSK is in my /pl list but the code that I found in the docs doesn't get recognized. Any help? What I tried is: on join: if event-player is registered: # do something else: # do something else...
  15. M

    My skript doesn't work

    Can anyone tell me why this does not work: {1_::%uuid of player%} is already defined " command /loot2 [<offline player>]: permission: trigger: if {_1::%uuid of arg-1%} is not set: send "1" to arg-1 if {1_::%uuid of arg-1%} is not set...
  16. R

    AFK Skript not working

    Hey! I'm working on an auto afk skript (after x amount of seconds without moving, player gets teleported to a warp), and I can't get it to work. on load: wait 3 seconds broadcast "&a&lCreeperNet &6Skript&r has been loaded &asuccessfully!" if %player% is afk: message...
  17. trippx

    Script Player Statistics with Admin Commands 1.0.1

    A statistics command that show's the specified player's Kills, Deaths, Killstreak, and KDR. Permissions: statsadmin.use Stats: /stats [Player] Stats Admin: /statsadmin (add/remove/set/help) (kills/deaths/killstreak) (player) (number) You can Add, Remove, or Set Statistics...
  18. K

    How to make animation with skript?

    Basically, I’m planning to add custom animations to my game. Which is gonna be blocks that are able to move like entities (NOT FALLING SAND BLOCKS AN ITEM ENTITY.) The question is how will I be able to do something like that, if you just want to make the script I’m planning for the animation to...
  19. C

    change the pitch for a gun

    Skript Version : Skript 2.5.3 Minecraft Version: 1.15.2 OK, I've been trying to build an FPS server for years, and I've realized that there's a problem in the process. If you change the pitch/yaw through the teleport function provided in Minecraft, it will break off every time you shoot a gun...
  20. S

    if player is holding 1 or more

    on rightclick: if "%region at clicked block%" contains "{@region}": cancel event if clicked block is light blue stained glass: if player is holding tripwire hook named "{@zeus}" with lore "" and "{@keylore}": if inventory of player doesn't have enough space for 1 of blue...