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  1. C


    Hello to all scripters! Do you think it will be possible to use the database with Skript? If yes, how? Thank you! (Ver 1.19)
  2. F

    Make a Specified Custom Item execute an event ONLY if dropped on certain block

    I've been trying to get a specific custom item created via skript to create a broadcast, but ONLY if the specified block that i drop it on is dirt. Here's the code I have now, after trying many different options: on drop: set {item} to lime stained glass pane named "<grey>L1 Access" if...
  3. S

    Solved Worldguard Problems

    So, this is my last hope. Maybe I am too stupid, but I can't check my region. Every time I check my region, it doesn't work. I tried to check the variable with 'send "%region at player%"' but every time I do this, I get <none>. on region enter: send "%region at player%" if "%region at...
  4. T

    Health Boost

    What am I doing wrong? Help please! on pickup of slime ball: if player is alive: wait 3 ticks remove every slime ball from the player add 2 to level of health boost effect for {player}
  5. T

    AFK Heal

    I need a script which will slow heal you, when you stand on the one same block for 4 seconds. Help pls!
  6. T


    I need a script with random teleportation X = between -40 and 40, Y = 4, Z = between -40 and 40. Help pls!
  7. T

    New MMORPG Project Server

    Hello, I come to introduce you to my new project that I have been working on for almost 2 months by myself. it is a new MMORPG different server as it is pve and pvp at the same time (including safe zones like cities...), I mean you can explore and farm the entire world fighting with all the...
  8. skript book?

    command /book: trigger: set {_book} to a new written book set {_component} to a new text component with "&b>&6Test%nl%%nl% test&b<" add hover event with action SHOW_TEXT with text "&eLel" to text component {_component} add text component {_component} to book...
  9. N

    Help for skript creative item detector

    Can skript is detect the items we take into inventory from creative menu?
  10. R

    Skript Console Error

    Hey, I was just wondering if anyone knew why everytime I reload a skript I never get errors in game but console spits out a massive error Console Error In game
  11. N

    Solved Skript + Plotsquared being weird

    for some reason if i use "on block place:" event it still registers the block place if someone places it on the plotsquared road or another plot. not sure if this is a normal problem but i expected it to be like worldguard for example where worldguard removes the block before it registers.
  12. R

    Solved Trying to make a bossbar for a mob in SkBee

    I am making a boss fight that uses a blaze mob. When i run the command it creates a bossbar, but it does not update the bossbar with the health of the mob and does not make the bossbar invisible when the mob dies. command /blazetest: trigger: spawn blaze at location 1000.500, 160...
  13. S

    Minecraft Skript code custom amount of special iteam

    I made a item with !set {coins} to player's tool. Now should Admins can use the command and get the amount of {coins}. How can make a Code that can do this? Greetings, Jakob
  14. S

    Hey, someone know whats wrong with this code?

    Skript says line 15 "Can't understand this section: trigger". But idk whats wrong with it... command /Handbuch: trigger: if player's world is "MiniLeben": trigger: set {_waited} to difference between...
  15. Circuit2006

    true or false command

    I am wanting to make a command where if I do /test it'll set {test::%player%} to true or false depending on what it was previously
  16. stop all sounds

    command /1: trigger: stop all sounds at player why this code isn't working? skript 2.6.4 SkBee, skDragon, Skellett, SkQuery, skRayFall, Skript, skript-reflect, skript-votifier-hook*, Skungee, skUtilities*
  17. V

    Solved loop all player near players what have the scoreboard tag "Z":

    Stuck I want all players who were within 15 blocks of the player with the scoreboard "Z" to write a command every 15 seconds with a certain chance every 15 seconds: loop all players: if player have the scoreboard tag "Z": chance of 99%: wait 40 ticks
  18. F

    Server stops when skript loads

    Hello I when ever I put some files into skript it just dose not load them they are about 1k lines each and I have 11 skripts and they just don't load and if the server dose start up the skripts are not loaded when I try to load me they close the server... If you have any ideas on what may be...
  19. XpelaajaX

    Chest regeneration

    Hi! im making a battle royale game! I want chest system that works like so: 1. Clicking a chest breaks it, summons particles and drops items. 2. on command /chestregen all of the broken chests can someone please help me :D and also my skript plugin is not working beacause it just freezes the...
  20. T

    mythicmob cast skill

    Hello I want to know how can I make a player cast a mythicmob skill I have skript 2.6.4 mythicmob premium 5.1.4 mmskriptaddon 0.99e and spigot 1.17.1 thanks