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Active Member
Feb 11, 2017

Bounty Hunters' Guild

Spigot/Skript Version:
Whichever is the newest at the time of making this script.

The Mandalorian-inspired script.

Players who have joined the group "Bounty Hunters' Guild" can set emerald bounties on other players using a command.

When the bounty is set, a special compass named "Tracking Fob" is given to every members of the guild. The compass points at the wanted player if it is in 100 blocks radius from the bounty hunter. If the wanted player goes outside the radius, the compass points at the last location where it detected the wanted player.

When the wanted player dies, the bounty will be removed and the player drops its head that can be turned to emeralds by visiting the guild's headquarters.

/bhg create - Sets the location of the Bountry Hunter Guild's headquarters.
/bhg remove - Resets the location.
/bhg join - Joins the Bounty Hunters' Guild.
/bhg leave - Leaves the guild. This also sets 10 emeralds bounty to the "turncoat".
/bhg hunt <target player> <number of emeralds> - Sets a bounty to the player of choice. Removes the amount of emeralds from the player's inventory who set the bounty.

Only OPs can set and reset the guild location.

  • Bounties can be set to the other members of the Bounty Hunters' Guild.
  • Tracking Fobs cannot be give to other players.