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  1. Palgia

    Script SkLoot - ✅ Create custom loot tables ✅ Loot chests ✅ & More ! 1.0

    Create custom loot tables and loot chest ! Addons required: SkBee, Skript-reflect, Skript-yaml ➡ Create loot tables with items, variables, and items from SkItemCreator ➡ Create loot chest with global loot or individual loot ➡ Commands & Full API ➡ Particles & more! Here's an example of a loot...
  2. Spygain

    Refill chest, barel, shulker

    Minecraft version: 1.19.4 Skript version: 2..7.3 Addons used: None Skript type : Skript refill chest Skript description : I recently took over my server and I needed to take a skript in hand, it's a chest refill skript, as the name suggests ^^. However, the things I'd like to see have...
  3. eyzk

    Script SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 2.2-dev34+

    SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 Simple, customizable backpacks in just 10 lines (when compressed)! Compressed? Remove all notes, options, line breaks, and permissions for 10-lines of backpacking beauty! Download the file above, or copy the code from below. # SIMPLE BACKPACKS v1.0 # Please do not delete...
  4. Hordoss

    On explode doesn't check water around chests

    Hi all, (Sorry in advance for my bad english) i'm trying to make a skript where the explosions break the water in a radius of 2. It breaks the water well but the problem is that it doesn't count the chest surrounded by water event if the tnt explode just next to the chests. (Screen of chests...
  5. J


    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could help me with a skript Objective: When a players mine a chest, it checks the items in the chest, & if it has a specific item, in this case for an example, a water bottle, it would cancel the event The skript still runs fine, however when I place a water...
  6. TotaledToast

    Names of Items Inside Chests

    Hola, I'm in the early parts of making a quest skript which involves villager dialogue. This should work by having the names of items in a chest below the villager be messaged to the player. It all works except the line which sets the message to the player "set {QuestText} to name of {_qitem}"...
  7. P

    advanced looting system

    Hey, I'm trying to randomize the list but I'm failing to do so. Can you help me? on load: delete {ore.loot.list::*} add 2 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*} add 1 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*} add 1 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*} add 1 iron ingot to {ore.loot.list::*}...
  8. D

    How to edit chest loot

    Hi so I am making a server and I need to have some custom heads spawn in chests found in dungeons, nether fortresses, and desert temples, and more how do I do that?
  9. S

    How to prevent chest merge into a double chest ?

    Hi everybody! It's not possible to detect a double chest with precision, because if I check if one block to south, west, north or east is a chest to detect a double chest, it would fail due it's possible to place a normal chest next to another without merge since 1.13 if I'm not mistaken. There...
  10. S

    Manage items of chest

    I give up! I don't know how to manage items from a chest: I want to remove a certain amount of items from one chest and add another items to another chest. {factories::%loop-index%::input} => This is a chest block {factories::%loop-index%::input::item} => This is an item #Add 10 of item to...
  11. K

    Solved Items from GUI showing in chest

    Hey SkUnity people :emoji_grinning: i made a skript when you rightclick an emerald a GUI opens up and the problem is when i rightclick it works fine but when i hold the emerald in my hand and rightclick on a chest, hopper, enderchest etc the items from the gui appear in there and than you can...
  12. Jonathan Cohen

    Holo delete

    Hello, I am making chest holograms for the time until refill but I don't know how to remove all holo's at a certain moment when I say it has to. Does anybody know this? Please help me.
  13. P

    Solved Why this code don't works with the furnace and the chest?

    Skript Version: 2.2 V8B Minecraft Version:1.8.8 --- Full Code: On place: if player is holding block: if player do not have the permission "": if block above is air: cancel event else if block above is slab:7: if...
  14. SoMuchWessel

    Solved Check doublechest

    Hey guys, I want to write a code that if i run a command like /chest, that it checks if the chest is a double chest. This is the piece of code that i have: command /chest: permission: fill.chests permission message: &aDenied. trigger: if targeted block is a chest...
  15. D


    CODE: on right click: if player is holding diamond sword named "&aMinigames": open chest named "&aMinigames" with 3 rows to player ERROR: 'chest' named "&aMinigames" with 3 rows to player is not an entity type bump
  16. SoMuchWessel

    Virtual chest

    Hey guys, I got an idea, but i dont know how to work this out. I want that you can do a command, like /storage, and that it shows a gui as big as a normal chest. Then you can only put in like diamonds and gold, nothing else. If you close the gui, then it will stay stored, so if you do /storage...
  17. D

    Add item to a chest behind a dispenser

    Hello, I am trying to make a script for an auto-miner for my private SkyBlock server. What the miner does, is removes the block in front of it and drops the mined block behind it. This feature is sort of annoying, because the drop location is centered around the corner of a dispenser so I...
  18. redbau

    My how are people stealing?!

    I've developed a chestshop Skript that sets a yaml variable (shop=true) when a player opens a chest shop, and then checks on inventory click to verify shop=true, but a very tiny few (3 so far) players have been able to bypass this and steal from my chest shop. Can anyone offer insight into how I...
  19. O

    Radius Thing Help

    on right click on chest: if event-block is in radius 2 of {chest1::location}: if player is in {openedchest::uuid of player}: send "&cThis chest is empty." So, I am trying to make it so when they right click the chest in radius 2 of "{chest1::location}" (I already set the...
  20. F

    Chest gui loop

    command /hatstest: trigger: open chest with 6 rows named "&fTest" to player wait 3 ticks loop integers between 0 and inventory size of chest named "&fTest" - 1: set slot loop-number of chest named "&fTest" to light green stained glass pane named " " What...