Solved Items from GUI showing in chest

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Feb 9, 2020
Hey SkUnity people :emoji_grinning: i made a skript when you rightclick an emerald a GUI opens up
and the problem is when i rightclick it works fine but when i hold the emerald in my hand and rightclick on a chest, hopper, enderchest etc the items from the gui appear in there and than you can simply duplicate them how can i fix this?

Skript Version:
Skript 2.2
Minecraft Version: 1.8.8
Full Code:
on rightclick holding emerald:

loop all items in the inventory of player:

if loop-item's name is "§8➥ &c----":

set {remove-item.%player%} to loop-item

set {item-back.%player%} to "true"

open chest with 3 rows named "&7&l------§a§lTauschbörse&7&l------" to player

wait 1 tick

format slot 0 of player with 1 black glass named "§8§m---" to be unstealable

format slot 1 of player with 1 black glass named "§8§m---" to be unstealable

Not 100% full code dont want to show it .-.

Errors on Reload:


Addons using (including versions):
SkQuery, TuSKe, skRayFall,


Have you tried searching the docs? Yes
Have you tried searching the forums? Yes
[doublepost=1581440925,1581289576][/doublepost]Just a quick replay i got help on the discord just needet to add cancel event 1 line before i open a virtual chest :emoji_slight_smile:
add "if event-block is chest or hopper or enderchest:" after the event, to just stop, and a "else" section to continue the skript
some recommendations:
1. use list variables
2. use BOOLEANS instead of STRINGS, so not "true", but just true, it takes much less space to save a boolean than a string in your memory
3. use vanilla guis, what you are using is skquery guis which are not recommended, they are buggy, slow and lack features. tutorial:
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