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  1. M

    Skript crashing server and not working.

    Skript can be found below: # Cooldown Skript v1.0 # Created by Skptical # A simple cooldown API that utilizes the bossbar # to show a counting down cooldown for specific items or abilities. # # Requirements: # - Skellete # - Skript # Global variables # Can be changed to adjust the...
  2. T

    Help Skript has ruined my server

    Well I'm using skript for 90% for my server, this server is a little inactive in the last days, skript had newer version. but I didn't download it, apperantely skript has shut down 4 days ago and deleted all of my server and plugins. I had a backup luckily, but some of the plugins still weren't...
  3. T

    Scoreboard doesnt appear

    Hello, I have a problem, in my server the scoreboard doesnt appear and I have tested a lot of scoreboards. The code has no error and in other servers that I have with other MC version and addons It works fine I have paperspigot 1.12.2 and skript 2.6.3 with skquery 4.1.3, skrayfall 1.9.21, skbee...
  4. C

    Solved Loop blocks and players not working as expected

    I have this script set up to act as temperature using Skript, but there's an issue. If two players stand very close together next to the campfire, one of them doesn't get the variable increase. Is there anything I can do about this? every 2 ticks: loop all players: loop all blocks...
  5. MattMX

    LecternCrash Fix

    Tried to upload this yesterday but got took down lol This is a simple patch for the newly discovered "Lectern Crash/Dupe" exploit on previous paper versions.
  6. N

    GUI not "exiting"

    I'm using vanilla skript, latest version apparently (idk how to check). When I make a gui it works and all, but when I exit using ESC, it kinda stays in the gui menu. I click anywhere in my inventory and it just instantly throws me in the gui. I cant click or whatnot, idk how to fix. Heres the...
  7. G

    Skript Speed Issue

    Hello! I'm currently working on a dungeon-crawler type server. One of the items that mages are going to be able to use is called the "Ghost Cloak". The skript for it isn't working so great. Here is what I have: command /ghostcloak: permission: op permission message: "&cYou do not have...
  8. C

    Scoreboard Not showing up.

    Alright so the code has no errors but when i loaded it up for the 1st time it worked, 10 minutes later, it dissapeared. every 5 seconds: loop all players: set title of scoreboard of loop-player to "&cBaconBox" set line 15 of loop-player's scoreboard to "" set line...
  9. J

    Player's coordinates expression not recognized

    While looking for ways to detect when a player is below certain coordinates, I found the coordinates expression. I've spent all day trying to look for a solution. The example doesn't work: player's y-coordinate is smaller than 40: message "Watch out for lava!" Is there a new coordinate...
  10. iKOKOi

    [SOLVED] loop do not create command associated to an item

    (Translated from google) My problem is that I cannot make a GUI with a custom command when clicking on it, let me explain: Each loop makes a custom command to the item to click, well, it does nothing. It does not create any command associated with the item. The portion of code with the...
  11. iKOKOi

    loop do not create command associated to an item

    (Translated from google) My problem is that I cannot make a GUI with a custom command when clicking on it, let me explain: Each loop makes a custom command to the item to click, well, it does nothing. It does not create any command associated with the item. The portion of code with the...
  12. C

    Solved Skript Addon works only with /reload

    Hello, I've made an Addon for Skript but I have a little issue with it... When I start my local server, the skript doesn't load the syntax ("Can't understand this condition/effect...") But, if I do a /reload, the Addon loads well ?! Please explain me why I tried : - Reinstall Server - Changing...
  13. CUrrUpt Enxo

    On Consume Repeats When Canceled

    on consume: if tag "CustomItem" of nbt of event-item is "Worm": send "test" cancel event remove 1 of event-item from player's inventory add 1 to player's food bar stop This for some reason repeats the event if you eat it and have full food and hold the...
  14. W

    List variable issue?

    Hey everyone, I'm currently using list variables and I'm having trouble getting them to do what I want. My test code should have 3 variables in"{testvar::*}", however, after adding 10 onto Test1 its adds another blank variable to "{testvar::*}". The output is my code is shown here. Any help is...
  15. S

    My code works, but, it can cause some bug ? little help here please

    Hello guys and ladies. I did that code, and it works perfectly so far, but, I don't know how exactly it work :emoji_upside_down: It can cause some bug in the future ? My objective is prevent chunkbans using furnaces. establishing a limit to place furnace, that is 8, and the player have to break...
  16. O

    internal error occurred while trying to execute this command

    command /sell: trigger: set {_stone} to amount of stone in player's inventory set {_coal} to amount of coal in player's inventory * 2 set {_iron} to amount of iron ingot in player's inventory * 5 set {_gold} to amount of gold ingot in player's inventory * 10...
  17. CUrrUpt Enxo

    On Break Handles Block Coords different than Loops do

    Yea this might be a bug or a feature or something but idk how to fix it I have been messing around with this stuff for the past hour im trying to make a machine but it aint gonna work ima send my code in a haste bin here https://hastebin.com/coziciwefo.coffeescript thats the whole file soo if...
  18. kamilleon

    on armor equip/unequip bug

    I'm trying to make something similar to hypixel's armor system on skyblock, but in skript it's a little buggy. When I try to equip and unequip the armor too fast (I mean like 3-4 cps is enough) It starts to add the value to the player's hp and defense continuously. on armor equip: if...
  19. W

    Solved Skript Has Seriously F-ed Up.

    This is my Skript. I have 2 addon plugins installed: SkBee + Skrayfall. When I kill a mob with a projectile, everything works fine. If I kill a mob with an item like a sword, axe, or even a gold ingot, it doesn't register. I have tried debugging it. I can see broadcast messages in chat, but no...
  20. H

    `If clicked slot` detecting multiple slots

    Hey so I've been working on this crafting skript and I've encountered a bug. The following code : if clicked slot is 18: Seems to detect both slot 18 in the current gui and slot 18 in the player's inventory. I just need it to detect ONLY the GUI slot 18 I've tried using the following: - if...