Solved Skript Addon works only with /reload

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Nov 24, 2020
I've made an Addon for Skript but I have a little issue with it...
When I start my local server, the skript doesn't load the syntax ("Can't understand this condition/effect...")
But, if I do a /reload, the Addon loads well ?!

Please explain me why

I tried :
- Reinstall Server
- Changing some things in Addon
- Using Magma (I use spigot or magma)
- Try if this do the same issue with an another addon (Answer : No)

- Charlito33
[doublepost=1606292873,1606258680][/doublepost]Ok, now it's works, I think it got patched by itself...

What I've done :
- Installing another Addon
- Rebooting

Thanks !
[doublepost=1606293251][/doublepost]Ok, I found what I changed to make this working.

If you set this line Bukkit.getScoreboardManager().getMainScoreboard(); outside onEnable() (Like directly in the Class outside a method), the Skript won't work correctly !