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[SOLVED] loop do not create command associated to an item

Discussion in 'General' started by iKOKOi, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. iKOKOi

    iKOKOi Member

    Dec 30, 2020
    Likes Received:
    (Translated from google)

    My problem is that I cannot make a GUI with a custom command when clicking on it, let me explain:

    Each loop makes a custom command to the item to click, well, it does nothing. It does not create any command associated with the item.

    The portion of code with the mentioned error:

    BUG ON LINE 22 (to run [console command "/insignia show %{_player}% %{_id}%"])
    PD: Compiler don't launch any error btw, "all is correct". It loads correctly, but it does nothing.

    Pls help :emoji_slight_smile:

    EDIT 1: It creates the item correctly, but when you click... it does not run any command.
    EDIT 2: The command i want to run exists, i can run it on chat and works. So...??

    Code (Text):
    2. command /insignia [<text>] [<player>] [<integer=1>]:
    3.     aliases: ins
    4.     permission: admin.mode
    5.     trigger:
    7.         # GUI de insignias
    8.         if arg-1 is "see":
    9.             open chest with 6 row named "&8[ &eInsignias: &f&l%arg-2%&8 ]" to player
    10.             play sound "block.tripwire.click_on" with volume 100 and pitch 1.5 at player for player
    11.             wait 2 ticks
    13.             # Muestra las insignias desbloqueadas del jugador
    14.             set {_player} to "iKOKOi"
    15.             set {_loop} to 54-8
    16.             set {_total} to size of {insignia.iKOKOi::*}
    17.             set {_paginacion} to size of {insignia.iKOKOi::*} / (54-8)
    18.             loop {_loop} times:
    19.                 set {_val} to {_loop}-1
    20.                 set {_id} to (((arg-3)-1)*(54-8) + {_val})
    21.                 if {insignia.%{_player}%::%{_id}%} is set:
    22.                     format slot {_val} of player with {insignia.%{_player}%::%{_id}%} named {insignia.%{_player}%::%{_id}%} to run [console command "/insignia show %{_player}% %{_id}%"]
    23.                 else:
    24.                     if {_id} is less than {_total}:
    25.                         format slot {_val} of player with barrier named "&7&lInsignia desconocida" with lore "&8???" to be unstealable
    26.                     else:
    27.                         format slot {_val} of player with air to be unstealable
    28.                 remove 1 from {_loop}
    --- Double Post Merged, Dec 31, 2020, Original Post Date: Dec 30, 2020 ---
    I have just added a listener to the skript and use that value as id of the item to call it custom command

    Code (Text):
    2. on inventory click:
    3.     if name of current inventory is "&8[ &eInsignias: &f&l%{insignia.tmp.%player%::0}%&8 ]":
    4.         set {_slot} to the clicked slot
    5.         set {_id} to ({_slot} + ((54-8)*{insignia.tmp.%player%::1}))
    6.         force player run cmd "/insignia show %{insignia.tmp.%player%::0}% %{_id}%" as op
    7.         force player run cmd "/insignia see %{insignia.tmp.%player%::0}%" as op

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