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  1. iKOKOi

    [SOLVED] loop do not create command associated to an item

    (Translated from google) My problem is that I cannot make a GUI with a custom command when clicking on it, let me explain: Each loop makes a custom command to the item to click, well, it does nothing. It does not create any command associated with the item. The portion of code with the...
  2. T

    Skript bug

    Skript 1.12 Bug I have searched on every skript forum on the world how to fix this bugg. The problem is that he everything is doing 2 times! How can i fix it?
  3. jonawoning

    Solved Skript if message starts with "!" not working.

    Title: Skript if message starts with "!" not working. < I have skript like: on chat: if {kd.%player%} is "Kingdomloos": cancel event broadcast "&7[&fKingdomloos&7] &7%coloured player's displayname%: &7%message%" else: set {hash} to "##" set {procent} to...
  4. F

    Force respawn player (Error)

  5. SoMuchWessel

    Solved Detecting a leather helmet

    Hey guys, I got a weird bugg. I want this helmet to be detected when you wear it: So i wrote this code: on rightclick on chest: if player is wearing a leather helmet of curse of binding 1 named "&4Red": send "Nice hat sir" But it isnt working, only with a normal undyed helmet...