♛ SuperBans ♛ [Ban, Mute, Kick, Warn, Freeze, Antiswear, History, Guis, More+] [SK]

Script ♛ SuperBans ♛ [Ban, Mute, Kick, Warn, Freeze, Antiswear, History, Guis, More+] [SK] 3.5

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    • Stop the server.
    • Place the new SuperBans.sk file in the scipts folder.
    • Keep your SuperBans folder safe, for example in your desktop.
    • Remove the old SuperBans folder and start the server.
    • You will need to wait up to 50 seconds. The files will be created, and a logo will be sent to console when it finishes the creation of the files.
    • Then, open your backuped SuperBans folder and the new one created, and configure it.

This is one of the most powerfull with a lot of features punishment-system, a super server managament skript which will allow you to handle all every punishment action your server needs. It's packed with tons of features that you can't even imaginate. To make it stand out I decided to implement comfortable and easy usable GUIs made with the user's first comfort in mind, as well as lots of options and messages which you can change, to let server owners adapt it to they'r servers.


  • SuperBans will automaticly generate the config.yml and customization.yml files to let you customize it. It allows you to change a lot of options as well as more than 50 messages.
  • UUID is now supported!
  • Each command has it's own permission. This allows you to create a lot of staff ranks.
  • View a short list of help and usefull information through a command, which will help you if you still don't know how to use some of the commands.
  • You will be able to ban, tempban, unban, mute, tempmute, unmute, kick, warn, freeze, unfreeze, block words, punish players using a GUI, view player info, view a GUI with all banned players, and much, much more!
  • Set commands that can't be executed while muted or frozen.
  • You can also block words that can't be said!
  • You will also be allowed to silent punish players, as well as ban offline players, or players who haven't joined yet.
  • You can give specified permissions to players who won't be able to be punished.
  • Toggle enable or disable leave messages when you are punished and forced to leave the server.
  • Don't you want to type a reason? Don't do it, SuperBans will always automaticly set a default reason, which is configurable in the customization.yml file.
  • SuperBans will send actionbars instead of messages to help you. Use the config.yml file and change it if you don't like it. (All the punishment messages, as well as a lot of more options and messages are configurable).
  • There's a huge ammount of messages, actionbars and configuration options to allow server owners adapt SuperBans to they'r servers.
  • Toggle your punish notifications to stop receiving a message when a player is punished. When notifications are toggled off, you won't be notified when a player is processed.
  • When a player is punished, and forced to leave the server, the disconect message is cancelled.
  • When a player is banned, kicked or has reached the maxium of warns defined in the config.yml file, the server automaticly kick him and sends an epic and fully changeable message to the disconected screen. See screenshots for more gallery info.
  • When using the commands to unpunish a player, a list of all punished players will be displayed when you tab complete.
  • Every punishment action is registred and sent to admins by using a permission. The console will also be receiving the message. If you want to disable it, use the config.yml file.
  • Admins will always receive notifications when a new player is processed only if they have notifications activated, and if the punishment used to punish the player is not silent.
  • Every X warns the warned player will be kicked from the server. You can change this value in the config.yml file.
  • Check punish status of players with an easy command. A cute message list where you will be able to to see values such as (if the player is banned, kicked, how many warnings has, uuid, ip...) will be displayed.
  • Use a user-friendly GUI where you will be able to see banned players, as well as unban them. It has been build using infinite pages depending on how many banned players are on the server.
  • Each time you unban a player using the GUI, you will be asked to re-acept by clicking a new GUI item to proceed with the unban. This will keep bad players safely away from your server.
  • Vanilla punishment commands are fully deactivated and aren't interfering with SuperBans.
  • This skript allows you to search banned players using a fancy but non-customizable (for now) GUI.
  • To prevent lagg issues, the plugin will only check to unban or unmute players when they join or speak, so if they don't join even if the punish has passed, they will still be punished until they join.
  • You will be able to reload the skript without reciving large messages in chat.
  • An update checker system will check for updates. It will send a message to console on every server startup.
  • SuperBans is a smooth, well designed skript created to be able to handle large amount of punishments.
SuperBans contains more than 2500 lines of code, as well as month of work. I'm working hard to bring this project to the best level, in order to make it perfect, divinely perfect!


() ()

  • Your suggested features!

  • /frozen - Ability to freeze players. Also silent mode.
  • Antiswear with unlimited words!
  • /notify - Toggles all your punishment notifications.
  • /tempmute - Ability to tempmutes players player.
  • UUID support.
  • /punish - Opens a GUI to punish a player.
  • YML files: config.yml and customization.yml
  • Silent punishment commands using "/sban", "/skick", "..."
  • Update checker.

Format: /Command Permission Description
  • /sb sb.help Shows a list of commands
  • /punish <player> sb.punish Opens a GUI to punish a player
  • /check <player> sb.check Checks punishment status
  • /bans [page] sb.bans Opens a GUI to view all banned players
  • /notify sb.notify Toggle your punishment notifications
  • /sbreload sb.reload Reload the skript
If you want to set a reason you must write "r:And a reason here".
Usable for: ban, mute, kick, (silent too).
/ban PlayerName r:You have been banned

If you don't want to set a reason, write nothing.
It will automaticly set the default reason defined in the customization.yml file.
/ban PlayerName

To silent punish a player, you must use "/spunish cmd".
Usable for: ban, mute, kick, warn, unban, unmute.
/sban PlayerName sb.silentban

  • /(s)freeze <player> sb.silentfreeze | sb.freeze Freeze players
  • /(s)mute <player> [r:reason] sb.silentmute | sb.mute Mute forever
  • /(s)tempmute <player> [r:reason] sb.silenttempban | sb.tempmute Mute for a given time
  • /(s)warn <player> sb.silentwarn | sb.warn Warn a specified player
  • /(s)kick <player> [r:reason] sb.silentkick | sb.kick Kick a specified player
  • /(s)ban <player> [r:reason] sb.silentban | sb.ban Ban forever
  • /(s)tempban <player> [r:reason] sb.silenttempban | sb.tempban Ban for a given time
  • /(s)unfreeze <player> sb.silentunfreeze | sb.unfreeze Freeze players
  • /(s)unmute <player> sb.silentunmute | sb.unmute Unmute muted players
  • /(s)unban <player> sb.silentunban | sb.unban Unban banned players
More permissions:
sb.* ➪ All in one permission[/FONT]
[FONT=Droid Sans]sb.banned-joining ➪ Notify admins if a banned player tried to join.
sb.antiswear.bypass ➪ A permission to bypass blocked words.
sb.antiswear.notify ➪ Be notified when someone used a bad word
sb.bansconfirm ➪ Confirm unbans through the "/bans" GUI.
sb.mute.exempt ➪ Exempt mutes to your account
sb.mute.notify ➪ Be notified on mutes
sb.tempmute.exempt ➪ ...
sb.tempmute.notify ➪ ...
sb.warn.exempt ➪ ...
sb.warn.notify ➪ ...
sb.maxwarn.notify ➪ Be notified when a player is kicked for reaching the max warns
sb.kick.exempt ➪ ...
sb.kick.notify ➪ ...
sb.ban.exempt ➪ ...
sb.ban.notify ➪ ...
sb.tempban.exempt ➪ ...
sb.tempban.notify ➪ ...
sb.unban.notify ➪ ...
sb.unmute.notify ➪ ...


I'm taking them
Config.yml (v3.3)
Customization.yml (v3.3)

This is only a small piece, there are many more messages!


Send me a PM if you've done a tutorial.


Skript 2.2
1.8 servers need Skript 2.2 dev24. Download it from: here
1.9+ servers need Skript 2.2 dev29. Download it from: here

Download it from: here

Download it from: here

Download it from: here


This servers are currently using SuperBans:
  • Are you using this skript in your server and want your server IP to be added to this server list? I will add it only if you: rate the skript with a 5 star review with your server IP


I'm receiving a lot of errors and commands aren't running!
Dependencies and Skript:
You need to have Skript and all the dependencies installed in your server. Check the "Dependencies" title, read and install all of them from the links provided.

Aliases-english.sk file:
The reason is simple again: The "aliases-english.sk" file that goes with skript is not beeing updated, but there are users who update it for you. Try this links below depending on what server version are you using.

For 1.8 servers, you must download: THIS
For 1.9, you must download: THIS
For 1.10, you must download: THIS
For 1.11, you must download: THIS
For 1.11.2, you must download: THIS
For 1.12, you must download: THIS
For 1.12.1, you must download: THIS

The installation is simple, stop the server, drag and drop the new file and replace the old one.

How to remove those annoying kick/ban and unknown messages from console?
It is highly recomended to use the plugin ConsoleSpamFix as it's the only plugin on spigot that I found to remove console messages. Check the plugin description to know more. Here you have the configuration to remove those messages:
[SIZE=4][FONT=Droid Sans]- 'lost connection:'
- 'Disconnecting'
- 'Unknown command. Type "/help" for help.'


Downloading SuperBans means you agree with Terms of Service
This is my own creation so you are not allowed to take part of it.
I'm not obligated to update this skript, but that doesn't mean I won't do updates.
I'm not obligated to add all your suggestions to this skript, but that doesn't mean I won't do it.
Do not ask for help in the reviews section. Use the discussion area for help.


You can donate to support me and my resources!

This is only a donation. You won't have aditional updates or refounds.
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Last update
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