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Find out this skript on my spigot profile: HERE


Here are all features that SuperEconomy has:
  • There is a command to see your balance.
  • There is a balance top. It displays a maxium of 10 top accounts by deffault.
  • You can witdraw money from your account and get it as phisical money!
  • You can view other player's balance with a command.
  • You can add, remove, set and reset player's balance with a command.
  • There is a command to reload the skript.
  • When you kill a player you steal money from his account!
  • You can create signs to display player's balance.
  • There apear fireworks by the death of players!
  • Anvil protection! Do not worry, frauds are detected!
  • This skript has its own economy so you do not need any other plugin such as Vault or IConomy.
  • Each command has its own permission. There is a global permission too.
  • The help message changes automaticly when you add a permission to a player, so the commands are easly displayed.

(In Developing)
  • Balance top signs.
  • The permission seco.player to have all player permissions in one.
  • The permission seco.deathcoins to not lose coins on death.
You can request more features. I will surely add them!

(DONE ✔)
  • None yet.

Format: /command | /alias command => permission => description
  • /supereconomy | /seco help => no permission => User help command page.
  • /seco help => seco.adminhelp => Admin help command page.
  • /seco balance | bal => no permission => Check your balance.
  • /seco baltop => seco.baltop => Check the balance top.
  • /seco bal view <player> => seco.balance.view.others => View other player's balance.
  • /seco bal add <player> <quantity> => seco.balance.add => Add coins to player balance.
  • /seco bal remove <player> <quantity> => seco.balance.remove => Remove coins to player balance.
  • /seco bal set <player> <quantity> => seco.balance.set => Set player's balance to any quantity.
  • /seco bal reset <player> => seco.balance.reset => Reset player's balance to 0.
  • /seco withdraw <quantity> => seco.withdraw => Withdraw money from your account.
  • /seco reload => seco.reload => Reloads the skript.
Use the permission seco.admin to have acces to all commands.
Use the permission seco.claimcoins to allow players claim phisical money.
Use the permission seco.createsign.balance to create balance signs
Use the permission seco.removesigns to remove seco signs.
Use the permission seco.renamecoins to bypass the anvil restriction.
All the commands and actions of this skript run if you have OP.


I'm working on it. Please, wait :emoji_wink:


I recomend you to install this versions in your server. They are uploaded on my mega profile. Witout viruses or any shitty site like add.fly!

You must install Skript plugin to make SuperEconomy run. Download Skript from: here
You must install SkQuerry to execute some tasks like fireworks and this stuff. Download SkQuerry from: here
You must install TuSKe! It's important to restrict players from rename coins with an anvil. You can download TuSKe from: here

You can install SQLibrary plugin to have a database to save the skript variables in a .db file. Read how to connect to this plugin in the information section!
Download SQLibrary from: here
  1. Once you have skript, skquerry and tuske installed in your server, place the file "supereconomy.sk" into "/plugins/Skript/scripts" folder.
  2. It's not recomended to reload the server if it's open. Stop it and start it again.
  3. Then, it will be ready to go!
  4. Rate it with a ★★★★★ review!

Send me a PM if you've done a tutorial.
No one o_O


This servers are currently using my Skript:
  • siegecraft.craft.gg (Siegecraft)
Are you using this skript in your server? PM me with your server IP adress and I will add it to the list.


Skript information:

How can I create a sign?
The first line of the sign must be [seco]
The second line of the sign must be balance
If you do something wrong, a message will teach you how to do it!
When you have the sign ready, rightclick it to see your balance. To remove it, leftclick it.
Teach me about phisical money please!
When a player dies, whether for murder or any other cause, phisical money will be dropped and firework will be launched. This will only happen if the player has money in his account.
If phisical money is dropped, anybody who will be there can catch the dropped item (double plant). The quantitative that the phisical money will contain will be randomized by a chance from 1 to 100 by default.
How can I claim phisical money?
The claiming proces is simple. You only need to right click the phisical money and it will be added to your balance automaticly. Better than going to the cashier, right?
Why anvils are restricted using Double Plant?
Since the amount that contains the phisical money is written in the name of the double plant, it will be impossible to rename this item in the anvil.
What about balance top?
The balance top displays a maxium of 10 accounts. It also gives other information such as total account balances registered in the server!
How to setup SQLibrary?
First of all, you will need to put SQLibrary in your plugins folder. Then, open the configuration file of skript (config.sk) and remove all the databases info. Write this instead:
        type: SQLite
        pattern: .*
        file: ./plugins/Skript/database.db
        backup interval: 6 hours
        monitor changes: false
        monitor interval: 120 seconds
How to change from SQLibrary's database to default skript's database (csv file)?
Open the configuration file of skript (config.sk) and remove all the databases info. Write this instead:
        type: CSV     
        pattern: .*     
        file: ./plugins/Skript/variables.csv     
        backup interval: 2 hours

This skript does not include decimals in balances.
This skript has been witten using a 1.8.9 minecraft server. I haven't tested it on other versions, but it should work.

Other information:

Do you like my skripts? Rate them with ★★★★★ reviews!
Don't you like them? I want to know why, and try to fix it!

Before posting a negative review, please ask for help (using the discussion area)!

I will update this skript very often so that's the reason I need you to suggest me new features!

I'm sorry for any grammar mistakes! I'm Spanish.


Before downloading and installing this skript, please be shure to read and accept the following:
  • You are not allowed to redistribute this skript.
  • Keep in mind this is my own creation so you are not allowed to take part of it.
  • No stupid reviews, such as (missing features, inactivity, features not added).
  • I'm not obligated to update this skript, but that doesn't mean I won't do updates.
  • I'm not obligated to add all your suggestions to this skript, but that doesn't mean I won't do it.
  • Do not ask for help in the reviews section. Use the discussion area for help.


You can donate to suport all my skript resources.
Donations are very apreciated!

Clicking the link below, you will be redirected without any advert to donate to my paypal.me account. There, you will need to enter a number bigger than 0 (the ammount of money you want to pay).

Make a donation here: Donate me

This is only a donation. You are not going to have aditional updates or refounds.
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  1. Added SQLibrary support! Read information section.

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Latest reviews

Very good skript but i cannot use it many plugins dont know there are some economy plugin is. ex. MobHunting amd SellAll and maybe many others dont know there are economy so i delete it is unusefull. But keep it free tnx. You need some fix to be like a plugin so that server and plugins can use it.

Yes, other plugins don't reconize SuperEconomy. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

Thanks for this review!