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  1. N1ghtc1

    Script Survival System pre-1.4

    Survival System is a script that includes a few useful commands for survival servers Requirements the latest version of Skript plugin minecraft 1.16.5 or Newer General Commands /sethome (to set your home location) /home (to teleport to your home) /tpa <player> (send a teleport request...
  2. M

    Solved Need help with skript-reflect and bungeebridge

    Skript Version: 2.6.1 Server Version:1.18.2 (Paper) Bungee Version: Waterfall So i wanted to do a /kick command on an bungeecord with skript-reflect. Im using the BungeeBridge API but it just outputs nothing: import: me.dommi2212.BungeeBridge.packets.PacketKickPlayer...
  3. Marsbar

    Solved {_tempban} parsed as a player

    Edit: I found a way:) Hi, i am creating a custom tempban skript with timespan and then there was a kick there don't wanted to work:
  4. Pingusate

    Script angel | revamp soon. 0.99

    screenshots (imgur) commands: /ban <user> [reason] /kick <user> [reason] /warn <user> [reason] /unban <user> /ipban <user> [reason] /baninfo <user>
  5. K

    Solved Advanced Ban/Kick Message

    Hello, I need Help with my ban system. I want the player to get banned with Multiple lines. [SERVERNAME] Du wurdest Gebannt Grund : Bangrund TeamspeakIP Website Back to serverlist
  6. K

    Script ♛ SuperBans ♛ [Ban, Mute, Kick, Warn, Freeze, Antiswear, History, Guis, More+] [SK] 3.5

    HOW TO UPDATE TO NEW VERSIONS: Stop the server. Place the new file in the scipts folder. Keep your SuperBans folder safe, for example in your desktop. Remove the old SuperBans folder and start the server. You will need to wait up to 50 seconds. The files will be created, and a logo...
  7. Adrihun

    Solved How do you make new lines in "kick player due to" effect?

    Title says it all