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  1. erenkara

    Addon SkReloader 1.0.1

    A simple addon for automatically reloading scripts when you save the file. No setup is needed. Just drag and drop and forget about it. The console and every player with the skreloader.message permission will see the reload messages and script errors. *Note: When you create a new file...
  2. DeltaGGYT

    Flint And Steel for traveling across worlds

    Hi, i need a lighter which can teleport across worlds. And this lighter can use only one player, i don't know how i need do access for one people, change world for teleportation and timer for it (3 second after click for teleport too teleport in world)
  3. Rapid

    Clear inv on spawn/join

    I have a PVP server. In my server I wanna do like if any player go to spawn his inv got clear. I am using advanced spawn plugin. Is there anything if any player do /spawn there will be some commands executed. Note : I wanna only create that if a player is in another world and do /spawn he will...
  4. A

    Perform action if player is standing on sponge on world guard region

    Category: action/event Suggested name: kill or tp What I want: Hello , i want to make player falling if standing on a sponge block and wet sponge (forbide players standing on it) to disallow bridging with sponge on a certain region of world guard , i can't make my server public because of...
  5. N

    Script WorldGuard Addon Script for Servers 1.0

    This Script adds the commands /setgens: Perm: skript.setgens Desc: allows block breaking, pvp, and no block placing Usage: /setgens <region> /buildpvpregion: Aliases: /buildpvprg Perm: skript.buildpvprg Desc: allows building, and pvp with no block breaking Usage: /buildpvprg <region>...
  6. H

    RTP Skript

    I am requesting an RTP script that will teleport you randomly to the world "world" even if you are in another world, (My spawn is in the world "spawn"). I would also like it to take 5 seconds before you teleport while if you move or get damaged during that time it will cancel, I would also like...
  7. N

    compare 2 items while ignoring durability?

    im trying to compare 2 items and not compare their durabilty while doing so e.g: if {item::1} is {item::2}: send "same item!" to player however for example, if 1 of them is full durability and 1 is even slightly damaged they dont count as the same, if there is any way of avoiding this...
  8. M

    Please help me with my script

    Im trying to make a gen server with placeable gens but the upgrade from tier 1 to tier 2 does not work, i cant find out why it doesn't work on right click on white glazed terracotta: if player is sneaking: if {cooldown.%player%} is true: send "%{prefix}% Slow down!"...
  9. FistoF

    [Hiring] [TEMP] Minigame script

    I'm working on a Star Wars-themed Minecraft server that needs a minigame script based on Ewok Hunt game mode from Battlefront II video game. Minecraft version 1.19. Offering: $20 after you demonstrate the minigame working on you server by playing a round with me. Contact me: Discord...
  10. DragonPaws

    Solved Dye on zombie Spawn

    Ok, so basically a zombie will spawn every 15 seconds. Than it will be given leather boots. The only thing I can't figure out how to do is dye those given boots. every 15 seconds: loop all players: spawn zombie at looped-player's location equip last spawned entity with...
  11. C

    Tuske - Script won't work

    Hi, since I downloaded TuSKe and put it in my plugins folder, my scripts are loaded, but they don't work.
  12. C

    I need a skript...

    I need a skript so when you break a cobweb it doesnt give you anything Sorry for bad english
  13. Jonathan Cohen

    Music Skript

    Category: Music Skript Suggested name: Doesn't matter Spigot/Skript Version: Doesn't matter What I want: A skript that just plays random notes at a diffrent frequency each time you execute the command. Somne tones like the soul well in the hypixel skywars lobby Ideas for commands: /sound...
  14. W

    Mob level script help

    I am looking to make a script that assigns mobs with a "Level". Then it assigns the mob a hologram, that displays the level. I am having trouble with de-assigning the hologram when the mob despawns/gets killed. Have a look for yourself. #goal: when a mob spawns, it assingns the mob a random...
  15. N

    script works sometimes and sometimes doesn't work?!?

    my script works in between and in between doesn't work, even if i don't make any changes in between how it's possible or i don't realize something. on portal enter: wait 1 ticks if world is "Server": if {survival::%player's uuid%} is set: teleport player to...
  16. I

    Sinseeker Scythe

    Hello everyone. I am trying to develop a script for the "Sinseeker Scythe" found on Hypixel. Link to what it looks like: (Minikloon, a Hypixel admin.). Unfortunately, I have run into errors with my own script. It will only draw one line at a time, not multiple. Any solutions? Thanks -...
  17. Q

    Dupe skript help

    can someone please make me a script so players cant /dupe a shulker box if there is a certain blacklisted item in there my current script is this, command /dupe: trigger: if player's held item is air: send "no duping air" if player's held item is red dye...
  18. D

    How to save player's armor

    Hey, I'm trying to write an inventory save script for my citybuild script, everything works fine except the armor is not saved? Does anyone know maybe how to save the armor in a value and recall it? Thanks already!
  19. TheDarkBatman

    Script Mine System 1.1

    Hi. Add / Remove Mines with custom blocks and custom reset time. Setup: Download Script Put that in Plugins\Skript\Scripts Go in your server and execute command "/sk reload <Name of script> Follow these steps to create mine: /mine:set ( You will get tools , set locations ) /mine:name <Text>...
  20. P

    My skript with Sk Ray Fall

    Hello, can someone help me At the beginning I' am sorry for my english I have this code on chat: loop all players: set score "points" below player to 100 for loop-player command /reset: trigger: wipe below scores for player My skript version: the latest...