Perform action if player is standing on sponge on world guard region

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New Member
Nov 8, 2023
Category: action/event

Suggested name: kill or tp

What I want:

Hello , i want to make player falling if standing on a sponge block and wet sponge (forbide players standing on it) to disallow bridging with sponge on a certain region of world guard , i can't make my server public because of this :/

i already tryed this:

on enter region: ← idk how to specify a region
if block below player is sponge:
kill player
send "&6You are &4not&6 allowed to stand on a lucky block in this area!"
on steping on sponge:
if "%region at player%" contains "test":
kill player
send "&6You are &4not&6 allowed to stand on a lucky block in this area!"

Ideas for fix: loop check if block under player is sponge on the rigion and check if sponge is under , under right and under left the player on
~x ~y-0.1 ← (under block check already do it) y-0.01 and y+0.01 (see screenshot) to avoid :

Ideas for permissions: Maybe stand.sponge

When I'd like it by: not urgent

i have skript 2.6.5


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  • exp.png
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i probably need to have a check if block under player if another block than sponge and air , if yes then don't kill player

on region enter:
while player is online:
if "%region at player%" contains "test":
set {_locA} and {_locB} to block at player's location
remove 1 from {_locA}'s y-coord and {_locB}'s y-coord
add 1 to {_locA}'s x-coord and {_locA}'s z-coord
remove 1 from {_locB}'s x-coord and {_locB}'s z-coord
loop all blocks within {_locA} and {_locB} :
if loop-block is sponge:
broadcast "kill"
wait 10 ticks
But i don't know how to do this
So can you summarise that please. Are you just trying to kill a player if they are standing on a lucky block in a specific region?