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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.19
  2. 1.20
This Script adds the commands

Perm: skript.setgens
Desc: allows block breaking, pvp, and no block placing
Usage: /setgens <region>

Aliases: /buildpvprg
Perm: skript.buildpvprg
Desc: allows building, and pvp with no block breaking
Usage: /buildpvprg <region>

Aliases: /protectrg
Perm: skript.protectrg
Desc: denies building and pvp
Usage: /protectrg <region>

Aliases: /pvprg
Perm: skript.pvprg
Desc: allows pvp with building denied
Usage: /pvprg <region>

Aliases: /protectrgallowfb
Perm: skript.protectrgallowfb
Desc: allows usage of functional blocks like Anvils, Trapdoors, crafting tables, Etc
Usage: /protectrgallowfb <region>

Aliases: /protectrgdenyspawn
Perm: skript.protectrgdenyspawn
Desc: Deny's the spawning of mobs in that region
Usage: /protectrgallowspawn <region>

Perm: skript.protectallrg
Desc: Combines all the protectregion commands and makes it into one command
Usage: /protectallrg <region>

Perm: skript.customrg
Desc: This command is a custom region that you can set through the next command!
Usage: /customrg <region>

Perm: skript.customflag
Desc: This command sets the regions for "/customrg"
Usage: /customflag <integer> <flag> <allow/deny>

Aliases: /viewcusnum
Perm: skript.viewcusnum
Desc: This Sends You All The Numbers You Have Set!
Usage: /viewcusnum

Aliases: /worldname
Perm: skript.rg.worldname
Desc: Sets the world for all commands to be ran in! (Required to be ran before any other commands)
Usage: /setworld <worldname>

All of these commands other then /setworld need you to specify a region after the command!

Worldguard, Worldedit and Skript

Also please leave a review if you'd like anything added and tell me what you want added in that review thanks
First release
Last update
3.67 star(s) 3 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Added some usage messages and fixed permission messages

    So i added a few usage messages to update the description and i fixed the permission messages so...
  2. I added waits...

    I took @Shroob 's advise and added waits between commands... thanks for the suggestion :)
  3. Fixed Script and minor script edits to error some stuff out

    all i did was fix up the script a little and add send to player for some stuff otherwise still...

Latest reviews

This is the best, most useful, undescribably well performing resource. I have yet to see a single skunity resource that is not on skunity pass this in sheer awesomeness. The WorldGuard Addon is a game-changer for Minecraft enthusiasts seeking enhanced server control and protection. This robust plugin seamlessly integrates with WorldGuard, fortifying your virtual realms with advanced features. With an intuitive interface, it empowers server administrators to effortlessly manage region-based permissions, bolstering security while fostering dynamic gameplay. Its versatility shines as it facilitates custom flags, allowing fine-tuning of player interactions and environmental elements. From safeguarding key structures to crafting immersive landscapes, the WorldGuard Addon is an indispensable tool. Whether you're a server operator or a player seeking a secure multiplayer experience, this addon elevates Minecraft servers by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly protection solution.
WTF is this and if your saying its soo good then why a 1 star :|
it is the best world guard addon i have use!!!
Thx for the good review i will be working on more updates in the future and i hope that as it ages and gets better you stick with it and continue using this!
Poster toxic against suggestions and criticism, useless wait he removed then added back. And it’s useless code in general, just reduces the amount of effort in gens servers even more. Stolen idea, beginning code is very similar to the script he stole the idea from. Poster also just reports anything negative and acts like a 9 year old
im not toxic im saying it doesnt mess up the script therfore you should not be saying that its usless and it has helped me with less lag so since your being rude about it ill in the next update remove it cause your being toxic
Nice Script It work Amazing I hope it become better and bettter
Thx im planning a new update adding a few thing to make less lag it might take awhile as im creating a /shop gui script right now
Random wait was removed but you still have to manually edit the world in the code
Random wait, need to manually change the script if you want to use it, owner is toxic for no reason when I try to help. But it works, I guess?