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  1. Acidic

    Solved Looking for help with a pass system

    Hey, I have been working on a skript where if you have a piece of paper named "Pass", you have to right click an observer at a specific x, y, and z coordinate, and it will teleport you somewhere else. I have encountered some issues, aswell as I have a few questions. My current code is shown...
  2. HeliumBoi

    Solved Per World Chat

    Have you guys tried to make or find per world chat for your server?:emoji_thinking: I tired many plugins and skripts from Forums and Spigot/bukkit plugins, they never seem to work.:emoji_pensive: My server is singular meaning I have 1 server with diffirent worlds. I actually need that kind...
  3. N

    Script WorldGuard Addon Script for Servers 1.0

    This Script adds the commands /setgens: Perm: skript.setgens Desc: allows block breaking, pvp, and no block placing Usage: /setgens <region> /buildpvpregion: Aliases: /buildpvprg Perm: skript.buildpvprg Desc: allows building, and pvp with no block breaking Usage: /buildpvprg <region>...
  4. D

    Help with job

    bruh i cant do this. I want make doctor for server and i dont know how, i have plan, pls someone help:emoji_frowning: 1. Player (who need help) type in chat /calldoctor 2. Players with permission doctor send in chat message " *nickname player who need help* need help, he's coordinates *xyz* "...
  5. T

    New MMORPG Project Server

    Hello, I come to introduce you to my new project that I have been working on for almost 2 months by myself. it is a new MMORPG different server as it is pve and pvp at the same time (including safe zones like cities...), I mean you can explore and farm the entire world fighting with all the...
  6. F

    Server stops when skript loads

    Hello I when ever I put some files into skript it just dose not load them they are about 1k lines each and I have 11 skripts and they just don't load and if the server dose start up the skripts are not loaded when I try to load me they close the server... If you have any ideas on what may be...
  7. XpelaajaX

    Chest regeneration

    Hi! im making a battle royale game! I want chest system that works like so: 1. Clicking a chest breaks it, summons particles and drops items. 2. on command /chestregen all of the broken chests can someone please help me :D and also my skript plugin is not working beacause it just freezes the...
  8. T

    Help Skript has ruined my server

    Well I'm using skript for 90% for my server, this server is a little inactive in the last days, skript had newer version. but I didn't download it, apperantely skript has shut down 4 days ago and deleted all of my server and plugins. I had a backup luckily, but some of the plugins still weren't...
  9. sluhtie

    ClashRoyale, Clash of Clans and Idle Miner Tycoon (COMBO)

    )----------------------------------------[ CLASHROYALE ]----------------------------------------( Hey adventurer! Looking for something that you have never experienced before on minehut? Then this is may be interesting for you. ClashRoyale is a project I'm working on. I wanted to create...
  10. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    /tpa Skript

    Usage: /tpa [playername] command /tpa [<player>]: trigger: if arg-1 is set: if arg-1 is online: if {tpalist::*} contains arg-1: send "&a%arg-1% &falready have a tpa request pending." else: if arg-1 is...
  11. Ali Tuna BAYLAN

    Voting Skript

    Usage: /votestart [option1] [option2] [time] command /votestart <text> <text> <number = 20>: permission: op trigger: set {vote1} to arg-1 set {vote2} to arg-2 set {opt1} to 0 set {opt2} to 0 open chest with 1 rows named "&bVote" to all players...
  12. K

    How do I make it so my skript placeholders refresh instantly instead of when rejoin?

    Hey! I own a minecraft server with a Skript Scoreboard and was wondering how to make my skript placeholders refresh instantly instead of every time you rejoin?
  13. E

    ! Gen Server Skript !

    Category: Gen Server Suggested name:Gen Server Skript Spigot/Skript Version:emoji_stuck_out_tongue:aperMC 1.16.5/Latest Skript version What I want: A proper description.I will a Gen Skript That when you place 1 White wool you get every 80 tick 1 White dye and when you do /sellall that you can...
  14. G

    Solved Buy max option

    Im making a clicker server, and i want to add a buy max option. I dont know how to make that. My points variable is {%player%.points} and the point per click var is {%player%.pointsperclick}. Can you please make it? You can make the price for it and stuff, and ill change it!
  15. L

    Wildstacker drops

    Hi, i am currenty making a Skyblock server. For some reason creatures does not drop drops (not gamerules) so i've now made custom drops to all mobs and animals (on death). This doesn't work with WildStacker, since the creatures doesn't die before the last one is killed. I was wondering if it is...
  16. ClaasCode

    Solved Permissions doesnt get Saved

    Hello, Im trying to use SkQuery's Permission System. If i execute /rank CloudF0rce Premium it works how (like i cant execute that command again) but after i rejoin i can enter that command again (so i have Admin Perms again) Note: I do have OP tho My Code: Options: P: &7× &9CloudMC &7×...
  17. FrostPVP™️

    Solved I need a combat log skript

    Uh I need a custom combat log skript for my server - They get warned: make console execute command: warn %player% Combat Log - When they get /killed when combat log: broadcast "&d&lBedr0ck&5&lPVP &8>> &e(player that combat logged) &chas Combat Logged" - when they come back into the game and...
  18. Chazz

    Offering Chazz | Quick and Affordable Server Trailers | Over 20+ Happy clients | 1.16.1 COMPATIBLE

    Hey, Are you looking to have a trailer for your server? Well you got to the right place, I offer a variety of prices for the trailers. All I require is access to you server and the servers official logo, the song can be also chosen by you. We discuss The details and all when you have DM'ed me...
  19. D

    Please help me :(

    Hi, I making RPG server (Czech Server) and this command not function :( on rightclick: if player is holding sugar named "&2test": message "&f" to player message "&7>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> &f&lMONSTER RPG &7<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<" to player message "&f" to player message...
  20. P

    Solved Can anyone please find the Error?

    Here is the script: Server Version: 1.8.8 Plugins: MundoSk, WildSkript, skDragon, skUtilities, SkExtras, SkQuery, TuSKe, ProtocolLib, Skellet, skRayFall Best greetings Philippe