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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.19
  2. 1.20
An AutoPickup script script with built in autosmelt!!!


Aliases: /ap
Desc: This will enable/disable autopickup for the player if you have this command enabled

Aliases: /apcmd
Desc: This will enable/disable the autopickup command for the server when disabled auto pickup will be
enabled for all players no matter what when enabled the player has to run the other command to enable/disable
their autopickup!!!
First release
Last update
2.25 star(s) 4 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Fixed Most of Shroob's requests

    So I looked at @Shroob 's review and went and fixed everything I could about what he said thanks...
  2. Fixed alot of items

    i added alot of items that can no longer be duped! (im lazy so im not making a list of them)
  3. Fixed duping glitch for skulls/heads and fixed autosmelt

    i patched the duping glitch for skulls and player heads and autosmelt wasnt working so i fixed that

Latest reviews

I mean. This works. But it’s like (this isn’t real code) it could just be like:
every 1 second:
Loop all players:
if loop-player is near item:
give player event-entity
It really feels like you don't know the requirements to post a script cause if I posted something like that it would be declined also that script does not have autosmelt, it would loop infinitely making the player be able to get infinite of anything as long as they have 1 of it, also why is it that you and shroob just hate me so much you'll hunt my resources (by hunt I mean search for resources I created) then review them saying they are either trash with no reasoning or say its trash with reasoning that I can then go and usually will go fix
response to HeliumBoi: If you had actually read any of the reviews, you'd realize we're talking about the performance and logic behind this, not that it works. having an if statement for every item in the game would work, would you still use it then?


Alright baefell managed to not delete my review for at least a single day, this is honestly record-breaking
let's see, what are the changes made in this...

ah yes, he did ctrl+f to replace '.' with '::'
removed the extra bloat that did absolutely nothing

ah, two things
let's count how many criticisms i gave: 10
a 20% accuracy, this is the most I've seen neelix care about a negative review instead of just reporting it

well, since this review is so short, as this update barely did anything, I decided to create my own autopickup since it's apparently so hard

on mine:
cancel drops
set {_drop::*} to event-block's drops
loop {_drop::*}:
give player loop-value

ok lets see i fixed "." to "::" which you mentioned and i fixed raw {ore} block giving you a smelted ingot and i made the variables more understandable and i shrotened the "contains" if statments to 1 if statment ender chests are meant to be like that i coded that on purpose i forgot what was on those lines i did not copy it i recoded it afterwards once my scripting skills were better and that was when i removed them from the contributers and when i added "Neelix" the the messages and the skript didnt have 109 lines so idk what that was
Nah these 2 people who voted 1 star should really try using it again.. working good tbh
I fixed Holligy's problem in a later update but Shroob just hates me and will find every single tiny problem with the code to review a 1 star but I don't know why he hates me
Review time, again, after baefell pressed "delete" on my other 3 reviews because they were "too good for this community" or somethin...

alright lets review this

line 7: the classic ".%player's uuid%", love when that happens
line 9: love it when raw iron block gives me iron ingots!
line 10-12: gotta love the variables {_it} and {_i}, really communicates amazingly
line 13&14: fr? do I have to explain how horribly inefficient this is, and what the hell is this variable naming? It's even worse than line 6&7
line 16&17: im gonna stop commenting on this horrible loop since it's so common
line every-line: why are you using "contains" everywhere
line 19&20: if "cobblestone Block" is an item type in skript i will literally use /nuke
line 27: ender chests
it seems to me that lines 47-84 are just there to add extra bloat so i waste my time and your horrible code seems more complex
line 86-100: DAMMMM Neelix you really gonna post a resource you literally made minor edits to and got from a help request, then have the audacity to literally put "Neelix" in the messages?
line 109: reason for this extra "if" statement? didn't think so

if you're going to fire an event every single time a player breaks a block, which will be fired more than an "every tick" event, at least think about performance and dont put 300 'if' statements. The fact you put a "runs smoothly" tag on this really makes me think about writing this review to a 6 year old who's just gonna report this because "grr bad review"

cya when 1.0 is (hopefully not) released, or when baefell thinks me going through every f(rick)ing line isn't constructive enough
"line 19&20: if "cobblestone Block" is an item type in skript i will literally use /nuke" it is a item type cause when you mine cobble it registers it as "cobblestone block"
You set rand_pick to a number between 1-1 and check if its greater than no bonus chance but you can just check if no bonus chance is smaller than 1?