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So I looked at @Shroob 's review and went and fixed everything I could about what he said thanks for the review @Shroob and I hope you continue giving your opinion and saying what I should fix and the problems with the Skript!
i added alot of items that can no longer be duped! (im lazy so im not making a list of them)
i patched the duping glitch for skulls and player heads and autosmelt wasnt working so i fixed that
Just removed some lines fixed some useless stuff by compressing it and make it a little easier for people to understand!!!
So my script had a problem where if you mined a shulker or any block it would give you multiple if you had fortune i fixed that with checking if theres "Block" or "Shulker" in the name and if so only giving 1 to the player :emoji_slight_smile:
A full rework of the entire script making it better as my scripting skills got better!!!!
all i did was edit 4 letters to make the world command more different now its /apworldname