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  1. N

    Script Spawn Script 0.0.2

    An easy to use SetSpawn/Spawn script!!! Commands: /setspawn: Perm: skript.setspawn Desc: Sets the spawn to your location /spawn Desc: Teleports you to spawn and if there is none gives you an error message
  2. N

    Script AutoPickup Script 0.9

    An AutoPickup script script with built in autosmelt!!! Commands: /autopickup: Aliases: /ap Desc: This will enable/disable autopickup for the player if you have this command enabled /autopickupcmd: Aliases: /apcmd Desc: This will enable/disable the autopickup command for the...
  3. J

    Sign on a block not the same as sign standing on ground

    Ok this is a bit of an odd situation, So atm I am trying to make a skript where a player right-clicks a spruce sign and then X happens (atm it's just a message for debugging purposes) Skript version 2.6.3 on rightclick on a Spruce Sign: message "test" But the issue is this. If the sign is...
  4. Jake

    Skript [SkBee] Easy Tutorial for Scoreboards!

    Hello! If you're reading this tutorial then you probably need help making a scoreboard, don't worry, I'll teach you step by step how to make a clean Scoreboard without flickering. IMPORTANT INFO REQUIREMENTS: Skript, SkBee List of plugins needed if you want the scoreboard to have...
  5. M

    Script Outline GUI 1.1.0

    This script is a simple function. All you need to do in order to use this function is create a GUI, then format it as you like, and use this function to format the edges. Here is a simple example of how you could use this. command /outlinegui: permission: op trigger: set {_gui}...
  6. mrclipse

    list variables

    I'm making a faction plugin for my anarchy server that doesn't have land claims, you can do /fcreate [<text>] to make a faction, but I want to check if that faction name has been taken already so there aren't 2 identical factions. I tried using a list variable to store all of the faction names...
  7. fasteR

    Solved Need help for my GUI

    Hi there, I am new at Skript and skQuery. I want to learn it and trying to write some skripts. I need your help at that skript: command /ada <player>: description: Ada ile ilgili komutları gösterir. trigger: if arg-1 is set: wait 0.2 seconds open chest...
  8. R

    Need an easy Script!

    Category: Block Event Suggested name: spawnpoint.sk Spigot/Skript Version: latest Skript What I want: Set Spawnpoint on Block like Checkpoint Ideas for commands: dont need it Ideas for perm: use.checkpoint Time: asap Greetings
  9. jaylawl

    Script Take a Seat [No add-ons] 1.1

    This script allows players in survival or adventure mode to take a seat anywhere they like to. The script is quite lightweight and will under no circumstances lag your server. Guranteed to work on Skript-dev36 and Spigot 1.12. No add-ons required. Due to the simple nature of this script, many...
  10. N

    Easy fix // Skript problem

    on right click: if player is in "Prison": if targeted block is stone brick: set targeted block to redstone block wait 5 seconds if the targeted block is redstone block: set targeted block to stone brick on left click...
  11. E

    Making Corpses

    Category: Armorstands, Beds, Citizens, Npc Suggested name: Corpses What I want: A remake of the corpses plugin in Skript. (Spawns an NPC when the player dies, so it looks like they died and they're on the floor) https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/corpses.1817/ Also if the player dies in mid...
  12. N

    I need help with simple Skript

    on rightclick: if player is holding a diamond: if player is in world "Game2": play sound I started this script not knowing how to finish it, i searched tutorials up on yt but no use. how would I make it so when I right click a diamond it plays sound by all nearby players...
  13. T

    I do not have this system

    Hello everyone, I wanted to ask if they knew why this did not work or have another way to do this. I'm sorry if English is bad but I'm from Argentina and I'm using the translator ;) I want to make it set if {_timer} has more minutes than {CCK.% Loop-value% .time.reward} but it does not...
  14. Adrihun

    Solved a

  15. B

    Script ⚝ ConstomRecipes ⚝ » // Easy Configuration // Shapeless // shaped 1.0

    我是一个中国人 不要吐槽我的英语有多烂 Create a new recipe in your server. Support Spigot 1.7 ~ 1.11 Easy to configuration and no lag FEATURES Easy - Skript Code isn't Java Fast - GUI operation does not edit config files No Command - Shift-Right Click on Crafting table to open the GUI Item - Support Name...
  16. T

    API EzYML 1.2

    EzYML.sk Description: A simple function to speed up the process of creating YML files and adding values/lists into them. Usage: If you've ever used JSON.sk, you'll understand the way this function works. An example usage of this: on script load: if existence of "plugins/DIR/config.yml" is...