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Supported Minecraft Versions
  1. 1.12

This script allows players in survival or adventure mode to take a seat anywhere they like to. The script is quite lightweight and will under no circumstances lag your server.

Guranteed to work on Skript-dev36 and Spigot 1.12. No add-ons required. Due to the simple nature of this script, many other versions of Skript/Spigot should work - feel free to test, but note that they are not supported.

See these bad boys in action:
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  • You will find benches right next to where you spawn and throughout the server

  • Drop the script anywhere in your scripts folder and reload

How to create a seat/bench (by default):
  • Place a redstone block
  • Place any stair block above it
  • Done! Right-click the stair block to take a seat. Chris Hansen approves.

The "check block" can easily be changed from a redstone block to be anything else in the script's code.
  • If you want your players to work for their seats, make them diamond blocks.
  • If only admins/operators should be able to create seats, make them bedrock or barrier blocks
You can also very easily set in the script's code, in which worlds of your server the seats should be functional, if you want to. By default, they will work in all worlds.

But wait there's more!

You can also make mobs/NPCs take a seat!

If you want to do that, you must apply some code on your own - it depends on your NPCs, naturally.
on spawn of villager:
    # your conditions here
    benchCheck(block below event-entity's location) = true
    benchSit(event-entity, block below event-entity's location)
Or something like this, if you wanna go funky (not actually recommended):
every second:
    loop all zombies:
        loop-entity's vehicle is not set
        benchCheck(block below loop-entity's location) = true
        benchSit(loop-entity, block below loop-entity's location)
Please note that how you make your NPCs use the seats is your own business and not a subject of support - unless you encounter issues with my code.

Have fun!
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