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Jul 2, 2017
Category: Armorstands, Beds, Citizens, Npc

Suggested name: Corpses

What I want:
A remake of the corpses plugin in Skript.
(Spawns an NPC when the player dies, so it looks like they died and they're on the floor)


Also if the player dies in mid air, it could maybe fall onto the floor <- gravity (dont have to do this :emoji_grinning: )

Ideas for commands:
No commands :emoji_slight_smile:

Ideas for permissions:
No permission :emoji_slight_smile:


[doublepost=1500213937,1500150671][/doublepost]bump :emoji_grinning:

I'm sure a lot of people would love this script and download it :emoji_slight_smile:
I thinking about doing this, but i have no any ideas. how... they did with armorstand and make show as player texture. (Skins)
@ChisleLP i think they did it with a half bed and the fake npc is sleeping on it, i downloaded the plugin and tryed it out and broke the blocks below the npc, and 1-2 blocks below, there was a half bed block , i broke it and the npc dissapeerd
after 1 hours trying. With armorstand, somethings won't work...

then i try with Npc... I can't force npc that he sleep in a bed... (Need a API (Only java))

So im surrending with it. Maybe some other can do it...

what i got:
on death:
    victim is a player
    broadcast "%victim% died"
    create a citizen named "%victim%" at victim
    set {NPC.%Victim%} to last created citizen id
    broadcast "%{NPC.%victim%}%"
    set {_l} to block 2 below location of victim
    set location of {_l} to bed
    make npc {NPC.%Victim%} sleep at block at location of player
    wait 10 seconds
    make console execute command "/npc sel %{NPC.%victim%}%"
    make console execute command "/npc rem"
    #remove citizen {NPC.%victim%}
    #despawn citizen {NPC.%victim%} #!Console Error! Doesn't work for me
@ChisleLP im really sad that you couldn't get it to work. Imagine if it would!
You could make it a resource in the forums and like 100+ people would download it!

I hope someone will be able to do this eventually.
It's really simple to do this with my NPC system that isn't public yet. Essentially, just spawn an npc with the given skin using mundosk, set the block below it to a bed for a second (Can be done clientside, if it isn't a bed the client won't make the player sleep) and then you can send the sleep packet, then set it back to the original block.
I don't understand, why don't you just use the java plugin itself rather than having to go through the hassle of creating the same thing with Skript?