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  1. phillysports2

    Varible displaying as <none> when there are mulitple names

    command /wl [<text>] [<offlineplayer>]: trigger: set {_player} to arg-2 set {_wl} to uuid of {_player} if {rank::%sender%} is "normal": NoPerms(sender, "SPECTATOR+") else: if arg-1 is "on": if {whitelist} is...
  2. cps77

    I want to know Skript and skRayfall version that works properly in java 8

    After having some issues with java 21, my friend doesn't use it and only use java 8. And I found some version of skRayFall doesn't work in java 8. So I need newest Skript and skRayfall and other addons(skellet, skutilities, skQuery and any other addons I need for skripting.) that works well in...
  3. JarBinks

    Enchantment GUI

    Hi, I'm having a problem with my Skript. this is my full code, but im having troubles with the /givebook command. everytime I get a book, it comes up with the title "{_randomEnchantment}" not the custom enchantment name. options: script: global name: CustomEnchantments command...
  4. M

    Solved Help give error

    Hello, I am making a script to give an item with a name, a lore and a custom mode data and I get an error for which I can't find any solution. The error is shown below, thanks for your help. minecraft version: 1.19.2 skript version: 2.7.0 addon: SkQuery-4.1.8 Line 3: ( [13:18:07 INFO]...
  5. V

    How to make permissions work?

    script options: $ use permissions every 1 seconds: loop all players: if loop-player have the scoreboard tag "Z": add "zinfection" to looped-player's permissions execute loop-player command "/zinfection" I've been trying to enable permissions for several...
  6. S

    Change fishing drops

    Hello, I am trying to change the fishing drops to only cod sadly I just can't succeed. I get no errors but I get the normal fish. Code: on fishing: if "%fishing state%" is "CAUGHT_FISH": cancel event set {_loc} to player's position drop 1 cod at {_loc} I am using...
  7. T

    Solved SkQuery 4.1.5 MySQL does not work

    Skript Version 2.6.2 Skript Author APickledWalrus Minecraft Version CraftBukkit version 3096a-Spigot-9fb885e-af1a232 (MC: 1.16.5) (Implementing API version 1.16.5-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) Full Code Errors on Reload None Console Errors after Function is executed...
  8. F

    Pass player entity via function and open chest

    Hello.. How to pass `player` entity via function and called under `open chest`? This works fine: ``` command /testButton: trigger: foo(player) function foo(player: player): send "FOO" to {_player} bar({_player}) function bar(player: player): send "BAR" to {_player}...
  9. Y

    Skript autocompact not working

    Hey, first post here, I use a 1.18.2 revivenode server with 4gb ram and every time I run this command nothing happens? options: {autocompact::%player%} = 0 command /autocompact: trigger: if {ACaccess::%player%} = true: if {autocompact::%player%} = 0: set {autocompact::%player%} to...
  10. H

    i have a problem with pathfinder!

    Hi i have trobles with pathfind function from skquery! i maded command what summon entity and make's entity walk to the defined by another command point. When i use this command it sends to me on chat: "An interral error occured while attempting to perform this command!" what i need to fix it...
  11. AZERTY44

    Solved TuSKe & SkQuery Corruption

    Hello, I'm trying to get TuSKe and/or SkQuery on my server, but when I restart the server (1.14.4 Bukkit) with one of these, it corrupt all my scripts, like when I type a command it says "Unknown command. Type /help". And it send errors of Skript on the console: > [17:03:17] [Server...
  12. S


    Works now.
  13. Buster Bluth

    Pathfinding not working (skQuery)

    Hi friends. I'm having trouble getting pathfinding to work with skQuery. I want a selected mob to pathfind to a selected destination. My code is reloading successfully with no errors, but it just doesn't work. I'll put my code down below. on right click with stick: if name of targeted...
  14. M

    Solved Unstealable slots are stealable

    Skript Version: 2.5.3 Server Version: 1.16.5 Problem Code: function fill(user:player, slots:number, filler:item = gray stained glass pane): set name of {_filler} to " " set {_i} to 0 while {_i} is less than {_slots}: format slot {_i} of {_user} with...
  15. D

    LuckPerms GUI Skript Error

    So I was making a LuckPerms gui skript to switch around ranks really fast but when I try to switch ranks it says: <none> is not a valid username/uuid. but for some reason my regular ranks work perfectly fine, but when I click on the Staff and Special ranks it gives me that message. Here is my code:
  16. D

    Scoreboard SkQuery Skript Won't Work

    command /board: permission: is.staff trigger: display scoreboard named "&6&lWAR&e&lFAIR" to player make score "&8--------------" in scoreboard of player to 8 make score "&f" in scoreboard of player to 7 make score "%player%" in scoreboard of player to 6...
  17. ClaasCode

    Solved Permissions doesnt get Saved

    Hello, Im trying to use SkQuery's Permission System. If i execute /rank CloudF0rce Premium it works how (like i cant execute that command again) but after i rejoin i can enter that command again (so i have Admin Perms again) Note: I do have OP tho My Code: Options: P: &7× &9CloudMC &7×...
  18. T

    SkQuery worldborders don't work

    For a while now I've been trying to create a skripted UHC plugin to use on servers. It uses the SkQuery worldborder syntax, but I'm unable to figure out how to set the size of the worldborder. I'm using the code below: set size of worldborder %worldborder of world of player% to 200 When I use...
  19. J

    SkQuery Gui Help

    Hey, im making an gui with SkQuery and wanted to make specific items have an enchantglint without showing fx. "Sharpness 1" when you hover over it... Is there any way i can give it some kind of unshown enchantments?
  20. S

    Fehrler bei SkQuery wenn ich auf denn Server Joine..

    DEUTSCH: Hallo, immer wenn ich auf meinen Server joine kommt ein fehler code in der Console von SkQuery.. Wie kann ich das beheben? ENGLISCH: Hello, every time I join my server there is an error code in the console of SkQuery .. How can I fix it? the probleme is: [12:55:35 ERROR]: [SkQuery]...