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  1. DKPeak

    Solved NPC Open empty gui with item in hand

    Hi I have a GUI that is suposed to open when you righclick on a NPC. But when you rightclick on the NPC with any item, it just opens a empty GUI, but if you just rightclick with your hand, it does it right. Video: I have tried to use "on right click on entity:" and the plugin commandNPC, but...
  2. T

    Skript 1.9 help

    Hi, I need help because I dont find a good version of skript, skquery and umbaska for 1.9 and I need them I tried a lot of versions of skript and skquery and umbaska but I dont find the good ones for 1.9 to work all fine
  3. FoxCraftGaming

    Solved gui error

    hey everyone, can someone help me with this skript cuz i dont get it to work with whatever i try command /bwgui: permission: sk.bwgui permission message: &8&l(&c&l!&8&l)&7 &cUnknown&7 command, type &c/help&7 for help trigger: set {bwps} to number of players in world...
  4. ScienceTeamKevin

    Backpack item save (Like Hypixel Skyblock)

    Hello! I am trying to make a backpack skript that will act like a chest whenever you open and close it, but the inventories change based on the item. So the same name, but different inventories. So if you've ever played Hypixel Skyblock, this is along the lines of what i need, Thank you!
  5. W

    Shiny not working : "format slot 1 of player with shiny paper"

    This is my skript: # SKRIPT LAVET AF WALLHACK27 # DISCORD: WALLHACK27::1111 command /kits: trigger: wait 3 ticks open chest with 3 rows named "&6&lKITS" to player format slot 13 of player with glowing glass named "&eTag dit kit." with lore "&7- Klik her for at tage...
  6. S

    Switch item in gui?

    This code works on one item, but when you need to press another item, it just makes it unstealable. Please, help me if there is a fix for this. Thanks in advance. on rightclick on painting: if {Tasks.%player%::*} contains "Shields - Prime Shields": if "%region at player%" contains...
  7. fasteR

    Solved Need help for my GUI

    Hi there, I am new at Skript and skQuery. I want to learn it and trying to write some skripts. I need your help at that skript: command /ada <player>: description: Ada ile ilgili komutları gösterir. trigger: if arg-1 is set: wait 0.2 seconds open chest...
  8. P

    Error with mysql in SkQuery (1.12.2)

    Minecraft Server Version: 1.12.2 (Paper) Skript Version: 2.3.1 SkQuery Version: 4.1.4 Sorry for my bad english. I have already reinstalled SkQuery and MySql Client and Server, but the error is still there. Errors: Ingame: (Multiple) Database features are disabled until the script has SQL...
  9. sofabeddd

    SkQuery Tab Completer

    So I am trying to make a tab completer for my command. Is there any way to detect which argument is being used? Here's my code: on tab completer for "/gens": if player has permission "gens.admin": if argument at 2 is not set: clear...
  10. L

    Skript - An internall error occured.

    Hello, I was working on a server review server with a tuske gui options: {reviewedserver.%uuid of player%}: {v1} {reviewactive.%uuid of player%}: {v2} on first join: set {v2} to true command /resetratings: permission: op trigger: set {aussiegensr} to 10 set...
  11. P

    Solved 276 errors with format slot

    Hello, i have upgraded my server to a different version (1.12.2) and get an error like this: Cant understand this condition/effect: format slot 26 of player with gray stained glass pane named "&f" to be unstealable Installed Skript Version: 2.2-dev25 Installed Addons and Versions: skRayFall...
  12. Kesem Hershcovich

    Can't change lore and enchant to event-item

    I'm trying to make a Smelting Touch with Skript, associated with TuSKe. I tried to make the pickaxe have a chance to get the Smelting Touch "Enchantment" (A Lore With Unbreaking 1), and when I try to change the item that got enchanted's Lore, the script prints this problem when reloading it...
  13. S

    SKQuery & Permissions

    I am trying to make it so when you do /mkit (class) it clears your inventory, gives you the class permission, makes you execute the kit command, tells you the kit message and then promptly removes the message. In the middle of the skripting process before I added most of the effects I tried...
  14. xultraalphax

    Solved Skript packet blocks

    Hello! So I wanted to make a skript where players can toggle seeing grass and flowers by /grass command. I wanted to use "make player see block as block" but I have ran into a problem. I wasn't able to make the player see the flowers for a temporary time so it will remain as air. Could you help...
  15. J

    Custom Chat (Clickable Chat Tabs)

    How can I create a custom chat box like Runescapes in minecraft? Clickable tabs that always shows up (JSON Probably). I am using Minecraft 1.14.4, Latest Version of Skript, with addons: "Json, SkQuery, Skellet, Skript-Mirror, Kosmos, Skent, Skope, skRayFall, SkVault, TuSKe-PichachuPatch-v3...
  16. WhoCutTheCheese

    Solved (Repost I'm dum dum) Report skript

    I have a report skript were you report a player and it'll open a GUI and you click what to report for... After you click that I want it to send the report message to a player with a certain permission. I'm using SkQuery. command report <player>: trigger: open chest with 3 rows...
  17. Hypenexy

    Is MySQL even possible on 1.12.2 spigot?

    I've been looking for 2 years, but, as the title says, I still can't find a way to use MySQL with SkQuery.
  18. A

    Script Simple Motd (Basic) Build 1

    Basic Motd for all Versions. Tested Version(s): 1.8 1.9 1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 # Welcome to Motd Skript. By: NovaCraft # # Motd: # # Use: Yes/No # # Lines 1 and 2 can contain up to 40 letters # Enable Motd: 'Yes' Line 1: '§b=============== §4[§2local§ahost§4]§b ===============' Line...
  19. WhiteWolf

    SkQuery Permission Manager [HELP]

    Hello, fellow Skripters! I have a problem with my Skript and I don't know why. Here's the error: permissions of the player can't have anything added to it. yes, I did use the script options: $ use permissions but it's still not working. If anyone could tell me why, that would be greatly...
  20. G

    Problem with skQuery custom craftings

    Hey, i made this custom crafting recipe but when i put items into crafting nothing happens. I fuger that recipe isnt working only if i set dyes as an ingredients. I have no console or skript errors on skript load: register new shapeless recipe for red dye using Light Gray Dye, Magenta Dye...