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  1. Austral

    Placeholders don't work in comparison: more or less

    When I try to use a condition more or less for a placeholder, it doesn't work correctly. I use Ersatz and Skellett-2.0.9
  2. D

    skellet use pastebin

    how to use this syntax "[(get|make|create)] [a] paste[ ]bin [link] with (data|lines) %strings%[(,| and|with)] (title|header) %string%[(,| and|with|for)] [api] key %string%" with skellet
  3. S

    Skellett not working?? (Paper)

    Hello, I am someone who runs a server on minehut, I use a bunch of skript addons such as SkQuery, SkRayfall and SkBee. I also installed Skellett on my server which says includes on packet and so forward. Today when I was attempting to try and see how powerful a skript anticheat was. I tried to...
  4. Kesem Hershcovich

    Can't change lore and enchant to event-item

    I'm trying to make a Smelting Touch with Skript, associated with TuSKe. I tried to make the pickaxe have a chance to get the Smelting Touch "Enchantment" (A Lore With Unbreaking 1), and when I try to change the item that got enchanted's Lore, the script prints this problem when reloading it...
  5. TadaFireworks

    Can't create a new book with skellett

    I have the following code: command /help: trigger: set {_book} to new book add page "Testing" to {_book} open book {_book} to player That gives the error that it can't understand expression: new book What is the problem, and how do i make it work?
  6. D

    Solved Skript Skellett Packet

    Hello i wanna make a Demo Screen troll in Skript. My problem is: what is the demo packet called? My Skript until now is: command /test: trigger: set {_packet} to new DemoScreen packet send player packet {_packet} Can somebody help me? Thanks :) thank you for answering...
  7. L

    Skript crashes when using Skematic

    Skript Version: Skript 2.4.1 Minecraft Version: 1.12.2 I have a minigame i am developing that needs to clear everything from the map each round so i tried installing Skematic but when i restarted my server i got an error saying that something went horribly wrong because of this addon... can...
  8. A

    set {_book} to a new book <= error

    command /book: trigger: set {_book} to a new book 3 line is can't understand error help me ㅠ^ㅠ
  9. M

    Solved Connecting With MySQL (Skellett) [SOLVED]

    Hello, How i have a problem when using skellett mysql i use this code set mysql host to "<ip>:<port>" set mysql username to "<Username>" set mysql password to "<password" set mysql database to "<Database>" connect to mysql skellett mysql update "CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS...
  10. CreeperOverLord7

    1.14 damage delay problems

    Skript Version (do not put latest): Skript 2.4-beta10 Skript Author: Bensku Minecraft Version: 1.14.4 (Spigot) --- Full Code: From Skellett 1.9.5a: set maximum damage delay of targeted entity to 1 tick Errors on Reload: No errors on reload, the script executes successfully. What's wrong is...
  11. M

    Skellet - Book opening not working on 1.13.2+

    Hi, After trying to install Skellett on 1.13.2 or 1.14, the book opening expression doesn't give me any errors, but it doesn't work, and it spams the console afterwards. Any ways to fix this issue? (Sorry if this is in the wrong place)
  12. lukaskabc

    Force open book 1.13.2

    Hi, is there some way how to force player to open book? I have allready tested much codes for skript and skellet, but skellett looks not very compatible with mc version 1.13.2. I have test many variations of this set {_tool} to player's tool set player's tool to {RulesBook}...
  13. S

    Solved World's spawn location

    Hello, I've search everywhere on the internet and I don't found how can i get the location of a specific world. (if I don't find a solution with armor stand, I would try when a player join the world to generate my schematic) My code: #creating world #teleport entity to my spawn in world...
  14. S

    Team prefix with Skellett

    Hello, I have a problem with Skellett adon: I don't know how can I set the prefix of my created team. I found this in SkriptHub docs and in the plugin's code. I've tried this: set scoreboard team prefix of "player" to "&8" But it doesn't work, this expression can't be found by Skript. Thank...
  15. bombrider130

    Skellett - See the MySQL currency with a command

    Hello, I've just been using skript, I'm learning how to use skellett. I want to create a money system. I managed to add some money to MySql thanks to a command, but I want to create a command where I can see how much money I have, then export the value from MySql and show it on minecraft...
  16. K

    Play sound not working

    Hello. Not working :( Warning: Doc: Version Spigot 1.9 Skript 2.2 bensku-dev33 from Skellett 1.9.0e from Config file of Skellett was created, I did not touch it. Any ideas?
  17. Gladrian

    Skellett boss bar flags help

    Hi! I've been trying to use this script, which loads with no errors: command /weather [<text>]: trigger: if arg-1 is "fog": set {_bar} to new bossbar add player to bossbar {_bar} set the visibility of bossbar {_bar} to true add flag...
  18. D

    "open book" does not work [Skellett]

    Hello! I am trying to make a Skript that opens a virtual book for the help page. I am trying to make a skript for making these books, but it does not work. I have searched and found this: where @LimeGlass put how to make the book item...
  19. D


    Software I'm using: Spigot 1.12.2 Skript (Bensku's Fork) Skellett What I am trying to achieve: On my server I have an ingame book item which has some information. What I want is when they type in /help to the chat, the book shows up, but without putting the book into their inventory. ∑...
  20. J

    I need help with skellett's MySQL

    Hello, I'm Brazilian and I have doubts about using MySQL's skellett addon. I want to get only the data from a table of my mysql, but I can not even connect, how should I configure skellett, and how the skript should stay, to connect to mysql, get the table data to use? Sorry for my horrible...