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  1. Z

    2 Questions about NPC's

    Yo, 1. How do I let a NPC (e. g. Villager) always look to you 2. How do I let a NPC (e. g. Villager) stand always on one point, so that he doesnt move anymore greets!
  2. S

    How can i create an NPC like those in WynnCraft?

    Im looking to create NPC's similar to the merchants in wynncraft(mc server) that can turn their heads/bodys but can not move, im using skript and i dont want to add custom NPC because i dislike the GUI
  3. DKPeak

    Solved NPC Open empty gui with item in hand

    Hi I have a GUI that is suposed to open when you righclick on a NPC. But when you rightclick on the NPC with any item, it just opens a empty GUI, but if you just rightclick with your hand, it does it right. Video: I have tried to use "on right click on entity:" and the plugin commandNPC, but...
  4. pesekjan

    API SkPapi 1.0-BETA.7

    Skript API with many useful things, especially for packet stuff. Credits (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥ Big thanks to Mr.Darth for helping me with some packets, reflection, and explaining things I didn't know. Thanks to TPGamesNL for allowing me to use part of his PacketListenerNMSK API Also thanks to Govindas for...
  5. O

    "Skript Severe Internal Error" with creating NPC's with Skellet

    Hello, I was making a "WatchDog" anti-cheat and I was making a NPC to swarm around them. It used to work, but we started editing with it and the original Pastebin got deleted so we just kept on trying to fix it and nothing worked. CODE...
  6. SwiftSwordMC

    NPC storage system

    Hey everyone, so I'm fairly new to skript and there's many things I have no idea about but basically I'm trying to make an npc that on right click, opens a chest gui that contains 2 items: 1 cauldron labeled "Small Personal Vault" and gold horse armor labeled "Upgrade Vault". If you click the...
  7. M

    NPC at player location

    Hi. I would need a script that could help me create an NPC at the player's location. And when you click on it, to execute a command, I want a menu to open. I would like to do this thing on skyblock, when you give "is created", to create an island, and where the player is taken, to create...
  8. D

    Solved play sound to player

    So I was making npc skript and I've used play raw sound "RECORD_CAT" at player with pitch 1 volume 100 Then this thing played sound to all players I want this to only play sound to 1 player Is there anyway to do it?
  9. C

    Make NPC damage player

    Hello, can someone help me, how to make the npc to damage a player? I testet this already: (make|force) [the] (npc|citizen) %citizen% [to] (target|attack|damage|follow) %entity% [[with] [aggressive [state]] %-boolean%] I testet for example this: command /test: trigger: make npc...
  10. C

    Help with target npc?

    Hi. Does anyone know how to check if player is targeting a npc? thx using skript 2.2
  11. C

    Remove target npc

    Hello, i was wondering how i can remove the target npc of the player using skellet. and I've checked on the documentation. PS: my skript already works, the only issue with it is this: on player create npc: give event-player golden axe named "&cRemove npc" on rightclick: if name of...
  12. G

    How do I invisible an NPC to other players?

    How do I invisible an NPC to other players? And only one player can see this NPC. ~ Google Translate
  13. Wolwer

    Solved make npc visible only for 1 player

    Hello! I need help with this script: function circleBot(p: player): set {_name} to "&c%random integer between 11111111 and 99999999%" set {_n} to npc named {_name} "PLAYER" set fly of npc {_n} to true set protect of npc {_n} to false spawn npc {_n} at location of {_p} ~...
  14. Wolwer

    NPC's teleporting

    Hi guys! I have an idea to create killaura npc, like in this video: (sorry for background music and bad cutting xd) (its a part of another guy's video. Link to original in desc) I think it can be created like this way: set {_start} to 500 blocks ahead of player set {_1} to 2 blocks at right...
  15. Wolwer

    Spawning NPC

    Hello! I have a question: why an I getting those errors: [23:06:31] [Server thread/ERROR]: Can't understand this condition/effect: spawn npc {_n} at location of {_p} ~ vector 2, 100, 0 (, line 6: spawn npc {_n} at location of {_p} ~ vector 2, 100, 0') [23:06:31] [Server thread/ERROR]...
  16. Nano

    Addon skript-npc 0.1.2

    skript-npc A nice NPC addon. Source - Documentation - Examples Requires Citizens Requires Skript This addon's purpose is creating and managing NPCs, aka Citizens. You can easily create new ones, make them go to a location, attack some entity and do some stylish moves like sitting, using...
  17. V

    Anticheat help

    Hello. I have an idea for an anticheat script. It should work so that you spawn an NPC over your head. So if you hit it, it adds 1 to the variable {hits.%player%} Someone whos can make that? Sorry for bad translating. I am not so good to english so i used google translate
  18. C

    Hiring Skript Plugin Developers needed

    Server/Person name: ChaoticMC/CodaPlays Brief about you: At least 1 year of Skript Developing knowledge. Perm or temp?: Temp Basic idea of request: Needs to be able to make basic Skripts. Budget/Offering: Offering flexible hours of working Wanted by/timeframe: At least wanted within a month...
  19. F

    I Can't Get A Player To Be Forced To Execute A Command.

    Can you please hep me ? So I am having trouble with getting a player to be forced to execute a command that is triggered by an event or a loop so for example I have an NPC and I coded a script to where an event is triggered when this specific NPC is clicked here is my block of code : on right...
  20. E

    Making Corpses

    Category: Armorstands, Beds, Citizens, Npc Suggested name: Corpses What I want: A remake of the corpses plugin in Skript. (Spawns an NPC when the player dies, so it looks like they died and they're on the floor) Also if the player dies in mid...