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  1. PixelCraft_I_D_K

    Citizens only target prefix

    Hi there! I am making an SCP server and want a guard to attack only the "Class-D" prefix. ("&6Class-D &f" in Luck perms) Every code I try, it's not working. If anyone could help me, I'd appreciate it a lot! Thank you! :emoji_grin: Code: on entity target: if entity is a citizen...
  2. V

    Create citizens with skript?

    How do I create citizens with skript? I am making a horror game and I want that a random npc spawns in front of them and 2 seconds later despawns, and with despawn I mean like completely removed. I can't find ways to do that anywhere in the docs and all the addons are outdated. I'm on 1.18.1 btw.
  3. O

    "Skript Severe Internal Error" with creating NPC's with Skellet

    Hello, I was making a "WatchDog" anti-cheat and I was making a NPC to swarm around them. It used to work, but we started editing with it and the original Pastebin got deleted so we just kept on trying to fix it and nothing worked. CODE...
  4. ItsMCB

    Solved Citizens - Change Skin from URL

    Currently, you can change a Citizens NPC skin by a player's username. What I need is to be able to change a Citizens NPC skin to one hosted by a web URL. Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
  5. Wolwer

    Spawning NPC

    Hello! I have a question: why an I getting those errors: [23:06:31] [Server thread/ERROR]: Can't understand this condition/effect: spawn npc {_n} at location of {_p} ~ vector 2, 100, 0 (, line 6: spawn npc {_n} at location of {_p} ~ vector 2, 100, 0') [23:06:31] [Server thread/ERROR]...
  6. Aidanete

    Error with citizen names SkRayfall

    Hello, I recently (today) started using SkRayfall with Citizens plugins, however, I had an error sometimes with the code "citizen is named": My code: on citizen left click: citizen is named "<light red><bold>Antikore": message "<light red>[Antikore] <white>Ouch!, Thank you?" to the...
  7. H

    Solved Location of Citizen [NOT solved!]

    Hey guys Used plugin: SKRayFall How do I get a location of event-entity if that entity is Citizen? on citizen right click: message "%location of event-entity%" That line of code brings me back mine location, not Npc's Hm that marked as Solved but it's not!
  8. Nano

    Addon skript-npc 0.1.2

    skript-npc A nice NPC addon. Source - Documentation - Examples Requires Citizens Requires Skript This addon's purpose is creating and managing NPCs, aka Citizens. You can easily create new ones, make them go to a location, attack some entity and do some stylish moves like sitting, using...
  9. E

    Making Corpses

    Category: Armorstands, Beds, Citizens, Npc Suggested name: Corpses What I want: A remake of the corpses plugin in Skript. (Spawns an NPC when the player dies, so it looks like they died and they're on the floor) Also if the player dies in mid...
  10. YourMCAdmin

    Delete NPCs by name?

    Skript Version:2.2-dev23 Skript Author:Bensku Minecraft Version:1.11.2 Other plugins used: Skellett Citizens (all up to date) --- I have spawned in an NPC with the following code: set {_npc} to a npc with name "%player%'s NPC" and entity type "WITCH" spawn npc {_npc} at {_npcSpawnLoc} NPC...