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  1. JarBinks

    Shop GUI

    CATEGORY: Gens SUGGESTED NAME: ShopGUI WHAT I WANT: I would like a shop GUI for buying new equipment and upgrading old gear. I want the shop GUI to be able to instead of using a economy balance, use blocks from your inventory to buy items like compressed items and upgrade gear with better...
  2. N

    Script WorldGuard Addon Script for Servers 1.0

    This Script adds the commands /setgens: Perm: skript.setgens Desc: allows block breaking, pvp, and no block placing Usage: /setgens <region> /buildpvpregion: Aliases: /buildpvprg Perm: skript.buildpvprg Desc: allows building, and pvp with no block breaking Usage: /buildpvprg <region>...
  3. T

    i need help with this skript it says "'set {placedgens::%value%} to 0' is not an entry (like name =

    variables: set {starttries} to 1 command /start: trigger: remove 1 from {starttries} if {starttries} >= 0: stop else: make player execute command "/plots auto" give player 5 hay block named "&eWheat Gen" Its okay guys i manged...