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So i added a few usage messages to update the description and i fixed the permission messages so they said "Permission" and not "Permisison" lol

the versions finally hit 1.0!!!
I took @Shroob 's advise and added waits between commands... thanks for the suggestion :emoji_slight_smile:
all i did was fix up the script a little and add send to player for some stuff otherwise still works as intended
just fixed /protectrgallowspawn to /protectrgdenyspawn
This updates addes 3 new commands that all help each other!
/customrg: This command is a custom region that you can set through the next command!

/customflag: This command sets the regions for "/customrg" usage: /customflag <number {to view set numbers do the next command!}> <flag> <allow/deny>

/viewcusnum: This Sends You All The Numbers You Have Set!
Theres New waits at the end of the trigger line so the server doesnt lag
New Commands:
/protectrgallowfb: allows usage of functional blocks like Anvils Trapdoors crafting tables, Etc
/protectrgdenyspawn: Deny's the spawning of mobs in that region
/protectallrg: Combines all the protectregion commands and makes it into one command
The command /protectallrg still requires you to put a region name at the end!
New Command /worldname <yourworldname> sets the world name so you dont have to edit the files!
There is now a new command called
it just adds a pvp region that you can build in but not mine in and as requested i fixed the wait 2 seconds at the end of all the trigger lines!