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  1. N1ghtc1

    Script Survival System pre-1.4

    Survival System is a script that includes a few useful commands for survival servers Requirements the latest version of Skript plugin minecraft 1.16.5 or Newer General Commands /sethome (to set your home location) /home (to teleport to your home) /tpa <player> (send a teleport request...
  2. Shrimps

    Script Shrimps Admin Commands 1.0

    Simple Admin tools such as: Warning system simple x-ray anti-cheat player report system simple configuration ban system kicking system muting chat muting players warning players mutes/bans them staff chat. and more to come. This is my first skript and I'm still working on it.
  3. B

    Indentation Error: Expected 5 tab, but found 20 spaces. HELP!

    command /tempban [<Offlineplayer>] [<Text>] [<Text>]: trigger: if player has permission "{tempban.blockmcadmin}": if arg 1 is set: if arg 2 is set: set {banned.%arg 1%} to true set {ban.time.%arg 1%} to now...
  4. L

    Solved Is there a way to customize ban messages?

    I am aware of reasons but that does not make the ban message look good. If anyone knows how to please do tell me.
  5. Purple Pixel

    Solved Skript Gui

    Hello Skript community :emoji_grinning:, I have recently been wanting to create a ban gui on my minecraft server I have over and over again looked through the web so find a solution... Nothing worked. I am pretty sure skript has had a update in the past year that has changed skript chest...
  6. J


    Person: Jake Cooper Brief about you: I am jake cooper the owner of a minecraft server in the making and i am looking for a custom ban plugin Perm or temp?: This Is A Temp Offer Basic idea: So i know their is this skycade ban recreaton skript but i need a plugin like that with the same style the...
  7. Jakaboii

    Script PunishmentGUI 2.8 HOTFIX

    PunishmentGUI PunishmentGUI is an easy-to-use & easy-to-configure skript made specifically for Litebans (but will work for other plugins) that makes punishing your players 10x easier! It has been tested on 1.8.9, 1.12.2 & 1.13.2 but that doesn't mean those are the only supported versions! To...
  8. Pingusate

    Script angel | revamp soon. 0.99

    screenshots (imgur) commands: /ban <user> [reason] /kick <user> [reason] /warn <user> [reason] /unban <user> /ipban <user> [reason] /baninfo <user>
  9. C


    Hey, I made a IP-BAN Skript and i tested it but now I can' unipban myself. Can someone help me? Thanks!
  10. D

    Tempban Skript

  11. K

    Script ♛ SuperBans ♛ [Ban, Mute, Kick, Warn, Freeze, Antiswear, History, Guis, More+] [SK] 3.5

    HOW TO UPDATE TO NEW VERSIONS: Stop the server. Place the new file in the scipts folder. Keep your SuperBans folder safe, for example in your desktop. Remove the old SuperBans folder and start the server. You will need to wait up to 50 seconds. The files will be created, and a logo...
  12. Bastiaan1200


  13. Azternaut

    Banwave Skript!

    Category: Server utilities/tools (Maybe ?) Suggested name: BanWaveSk What I want: Banwave skript with execute console command, not be an individual skript ban Ideas for commands: /bw, /banwave, /banwaves /bw add <offline player> - Add player to next banwave /bw del <offline player> - Remove...